‘The Box’ Movie Delivered Major,Unique Weirdness And It Was Kinda Good

‘The Box’ Movie Delivered Major,Unique Weirdness And It Was Kinda Good

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“The Box” movie delivered major,unique,weirdness,and it was kinda good. Yes, the new Warner Bros. Pictures movie really outdid itself in the weirdness department. However,it was very unique and kept me intrigued,the entire time. It stars: Cameron Diaz, James Marsden, and Frank Langella .

“The Box” focused around characters, Norma Lewis (Cameron Diaz) and Arthur Lewis (James Marsden) who get offered a mysterious box from a weird old guy named Arlington Steward.

Oh,yeah,and half his face was burned off,to give him some extra weirdness. I could barely pay attention too what he was saying as I gazed at the outline of his teeth and jaw from his burnt off face. But,anyways, I digress.

Okay,so he offers them the strange box,and tells them, if they push the button, someone somewhere in the world, that they don’t know will die. However,they will receive a payment of a million dollars.

Norma ends up pushing it, thinking it was hoax. Unfortunately for them,it wasn’t. I say, unfortunate because after they push it,an overflow of super weird events start happening to them.

People’s noses start bleeding in mid-conversation,strange people watch them from outside their home,and finally their whole family gets abducted by really weird people. It all eventually ends up leading to a very tragic and revealing conclusion.

It revealed that this whole “box offer” thing was a continuing pattern of the film involving one family after another,after they go through the consequences incurred from pushing the button.

It also sent a very good message. The message is, if someone ever offers you a weird, funny, looking box,telling you that if you push the button, someone in the world will die,don’t freakin push it,ok. No matter what the reward is, just don’t push it !!

Overall, I thought the movie was very unique and interesting.I got kind of lost in the middle,due to it being so weird and all. However, the ending sort of cleared up some of the questions I had. It’s a very entertaining movie,and you shouldn’t get bored watching this one,for sure.

Grade A

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