Top Critics Gave Jackie Chan’s ‘Spy Next Door’ Movie Pretty Bad Reviews

Top Critics Gave Jackie Chan’s ‘Spy Next Door’ Movie Pretty Bad Reviews

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Top critics gave Jackie Chan’s ‘Spy Next Door’ movie pretty bad reviews. Lionsgate pictures unleashed it’s new Jackie Chan comedy/action flick, “The Spy Next Door” in theaters today. It also stars: Madeline Carroll, Alina Foley, George Lopez, Billy Ray Cyrus, Amber Valletta, and Katherine Boecher. The movie critics sure didn’t like this one. They mostly gave it Cs and one D,stating their dislike of the film.

Ty Burr from the Boston Globe gave it a C-. He said, “Burnt toast, clogged toilets, and life lessons ensue.” Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave it a C-. He stated, “Jackie Chan is 55. Just sayin’.”

Michael Phillips over at the Chicago Tribune rated it a C-. He stated, “It’s hard to imagine anyone being offended, except fans of good comedy.” Bill Gibron at gave it a D. He said it was, “egregiously dumb.”

Hollywood Reporter’s Daniel Eagan gave it a C. He said, “Jackie Chan plays both spy and baby-sitter in this low-budget, kid-friendly action farce.” Amy Biancolli from the San Francisco Chronicle gave it a C-,stating, “a mostly inoffensive nothing of a film with one or two mild chuckles and lots of chop-socky commotion.”

Claudia Puig at USA Today gave it a C- rating. He said, “Add a few more outtakes, and you have a better movie than the silly one that came before. Chan’s linguistic goofs prompt a frustrated “I hate English!” making for the biggest laugh in a movie that feels like a lackluster hybrid of The Pacifier, Kindergarten Cop, Daddy Day Care and Agent Cody Banks.”

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  1. lee coughlin says:

    I loved the spy next door, It was fun

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