Smallville: “Instinct” Episode Recap

Smallville: “Instinct” Episode Recap

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Hmmm,ok well on tonight’s Episode of “Smallville” some semi sexy alien chick (guest star Charlotte Sullivan) comes to earth because of a signal sent from
one of Clark’s magical crystals sends a signal through the galaxy or somethin and she responds to find where it came from. But wait there’s just one problem. She kills every mortal guy she kisses. Now, I’ve seen some picky chicks in the past but man this one takes the cake. Well, needless to say I think we all know what happens next. Clark finds out about it and gets rid of her. The end. Ha! ,Ha! No,seriously you didn’t think I was gonna leave you hangin did you? I’ll fill you in on the rest.

After going through a couple of guys and by going through I mean killing. She finally makes her way around to Jimmy’s cheatin ass and sucks him in and they kiss and the poison starts to take effect. Oh, but wait since Clark is already on her trail he’s able to hunt her down and find Jimmy just in time before he kills over and takes him to a hospital.Meanwhile alien chick catches a glimpse of Clark’s super speed and says, “Now That’s my type” or something to that effect. She eventually finds him and he tries to fight her off but she somehow is able to suck him in for a kiss and of course she loves since he’s all Super and stuff. Clark keeps resisting her though. She ultimately tries to convince him that they should be together since they both have super powers,but Clark says, “Naw,baby it ain’t happenin” well, not quite so slang but you get the idea. Then he sends her back to wherever the hell she came from with that magic thing he does in some sort of a space worp,dimentional worpy type of thingamajigg and the live happily ever after for this episode.

Now, while the show was entertaining enough this is how alot of these “Smallville” eps play out;but I guess it’s the art of how they play out that counts with this show given it’s 8 season run so far. Either way I hope this isn’t the last season of the show just for the simple fact that I’m so used to watching it every season. We’ll see how the rest of the season plays out.

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