CW The Game – White Coats and White Lies Episode Review

CW The Game – White Coats and White Lies Episode Review

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In episode 7 of season 3 “The Game” we find out that Melanie much to her surprise is not able to get her doctor’s white coat because the grant money she needs to cover her tuition has been revoked due to her poor grades. Derwin decides to lend her the money until he finds out the Sabers might not renew his contract because he reinjured his knee in a fight with one of Melanie’s ex boyfriends. Derwin tries to go talk to Jason for some support, but he’s like totally slummin it over Kelly breakup so that conversation is very brief.

Tasha tells Malik that she’s dating Rick Fox and he’s good with it until he finds out at a get together that Robin used to date Rick because Kelly’s current boyfriend remembers it from the past and thinks that they’re still dating. Tasha also gets pissed at Rick over his past relationship with Robin. Melanie decides to ask her parents for the money and they agree to give her the money if she breaks up with Derwin. That sets the tone for a huge fight that breaks out later between her and Derwin after he tells her that he has set aside $5 million for his kid that his ex girlfriend, Janay is carrying.

Melanie argues that he cares more for the kid than her and without hesitation, he agrees. She storms out crying. Rick,again has to set Tasha straight telling her if she can’t accept his past dating life then they will have a problem. In the end, she appears to get over it. They never address what happened with Malik and Robin in this episode but then again it’s probably not necessary since their relationship is just an act. Well, at least on Robin’s end anyways.

My take: This was another excellent drama filled episode and they finally brought that Melanie and Derwin relationship to another stopping point. I just love all the twists and turns that the writers plant in this show and then watch them play out. I personally could see that Melanie and Derwin break up coming a mile away. It was always rocky at best.

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