Supernatural “I know what you did last summer” Review

Supernatural “I know what you did last summer” Review

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In the 9th episode of season 4 “Supernatural” Anna (guest star Julie McNiven) can overhear Angels talking and making plans. This brings on an onslaught of demons wanting capture her alive so that they can have the one up on the Angels. Dean and Sam get the tip off from Ruby(guest star Genevieve Cortese) that she’s out there and to find her before the demons do. So off they go to find her. When Dean and Sam find Anna she already knows who they are from listening to the Angels.

Then a super demon named, Alastair shows up and atacks them to try and get Anna. Sam tries to exercise him back to hell and he just says, “Ooh, that tickles”. Sam also tries to stab him with the super knife that’s suppose to kill any demon but it doesn’t work on him so they have to end up jumping out of a window to get away leaving the knife behind with Alastair. Dean starts to demand why Sam trusts Ruby so much which has Sam go into a couple memory sequences where he thinks back 6 months earlier.

We find out that he did actually make a failed attempt of doing a deal to bring Dean back from hell and that Ruby saved his life from a demon that was on a mission to kill him. We also get to see how she taught him how to use his special powers of exercising demons out of people and sending them back to hell.Also Ruby inhabited a body of a girl that was in a comma and had already left her body because Sam didn’t want Ruby inhabiting bodies with Spirits still in them. Dean eventually has to come to the conclusion that he should thank Ruby for protecting Sam. As they try and protect Anna from the demons who are after her they much to their surprise find out that Castiel and Uriel are after her also and that they actually want to kill her. Then the “To be continued ” credits role which definately leaves us wanting more.

My take: This was another great episode from the Supernatural producers. The writers are genious . This is one of the best shows on right now. I really like all the twists and turns that they add to this show. It just never gets boring. Next week’s show looks awsome as well because they continue where they left off from this one. It should be a doozy.

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