Smallville “Abyss” Episode Review

Smallville “Abyss” Episode Review

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In the 9th episode of season 8 “Smallville” Chloe starts to slowly lose her memories. After being confronted by Clark on the issue they both realize or come to the conclusion that Braniac is taking over her mind ,wiping out her memories,and replacing them with doomsday symbols apparently trying to make contact with the kryptonian creature who can destroy earth. She slowly forgets who Jimmy is and then eventually forgets who Clark and all the rest of her friends are except for Davis. Clark uses one of his crystals to rebuild the Kryptonian fortress in order to get Jor-El’s help in restoring her memories.

After wandering the streets Chloe finds Davis who brings her back to Clark and Jimmy.Davis injects her with a sedative to make her pass out so she doesn’t run off in fear. Clark then takes her to the fortress where Jor-El restores her memories but not without Braniac secretly seaping out Chloe’s head and unbeknownst to Clark infects the fortress. Also Clark has Jor-El reinstate all of Chloe’s memories except for the ones where she knows about his powers believing that she’ll be safer that way.Once back in Smallville Davis makes a pass at Chloe and reveals his true feelings for her.She pulls back and tells him she loves Jimmy. Clark returns back to the fortress to thank Jor-El for helping Chloe. When he leaves, Braniac then completely infects the fortress with darkness and the Doomsday symbol.

My take: OOh,ooh. This was a fantastic episode.It revealed that Chloe losing her memories was just a small part of a great big puzzle and I believe that Davis is probably the Kryptonian creature or has something to do with it since he is the only one Braniac allowed Chloe to remember. Also we already know Davis is really a kryptonian from the previous episode so wake everyone cause Smallville just went redbull on us. Next week’s episode looks really good also a they continue on with the doomsday stuff.

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