NBC Heroes ‘Exposed’ Episode Review

NBC Heroes ‘Exposed’ Episode Review

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Review : Claire continues on her mini mission to help save the boy who can breathe under water from being captured by Nathan’s people. Peter borrows Matt’s mind control and mind reading abilities so they can both break in to Nathan’s building and steal some information. They are successful,but Matt gets captured in the end while Nathan helps save Peter after he gets shot in the arm. Then Peter borrows back Nathan’s flying ability from him, and flies away, again after making it seem like he would go back with Nathan.

Claire eventually reveals to her mother that she’s been hiding the “under water breathing boy” in her room. Her mother is upset at first, but eventually comes around. She aids Claire in helping the boy escape. Meanwhile Sylar is still traveling with the kid that knows where his father is. Along the way though, Sylar and him stop at and old abandoned place from his past, and he has a memory that reveals to him that his father actually killed his mother. Now, his new mission is to find his father so he can kill him.

My Take : Good episode

Grade : B

TV Show : Heroes : Exposed – Episode 18, Season 3
Original Air Date : Monday March 3, 2009
Network : NBC Network

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