‘Obsessed’ (2009) Movie Review

‘Obsessed’ (2009) Movie Review

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In Obsessed Derek (Idris Elba) is a successful asset manager, married to Sharon (Beyonce Knowles),and has a little boy with her. One day he meets a new temp at work named Lisa (Ali Carter) on an elevator, and this is the beginning of of a downhill spiral for Derek as he’s just met a crazy lady. The downhill spiral is slow mind you,but definitely sure. She right off the bat, starts to play the game with the laughing,flirting,and asking around the office about Derek. Even though she knows he’s married it doesn’t stop her from taking it up a notch.

In one scene, she acts like she’s unhappy over a break up with an imaginary boyfriend to play on the sympathies of Derek. Then at the annual company Christmas party, is when she really uncomfortably unleashes her unhealthy attraction for him by pinning him up against a stall in the men’s restroom. Needles to say, after that, Derek,now knows he’s got a bit of a problem on his hands. She continually makes her advances towards him which include drugging him by putting something in his drink in order to seduce him, and then doing the unthinkable by trying to commit suicide – taking a whole bottle of prescription pills.

After this incident, Sharon finds out,and then this is the beginning of when all hell breaks loose. Lisa lays low for about three months,and then makes her return for the final showdown with Sharon. It’s one hell of a catfight ending with Sharon of course as the victor. It ended tragic,ugly,and with a lot of intensity. Obsessed was no let down when it came to bringing the drama.

My Take :I thought Ali Carter did a great job as the temptress. The build up of the movie was very good and suttle until it was ready to get down to the nitty gritty ala the “rest room grind scene”. I liked Jerry O’Connel’s character, Ben in the movie. He was pretty funny. The character of Derek played by Idris Elba was a good leading man for the film. While the plot wasn’t the most original, it entertained the hell out of me. I definitely recommend this movie if you like a good high intense drama.

Grade : B

Movie : Obsessed
Release Date : April 24,2009
Studio : Screen Gems (Sony)
Cast : Idris Elba, Beyonce Knowles, Ali Larter, Bruce McGill, Jerry O’Connell, Christine Lahti

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