‘Year One’ (2009) Movie, Reviewed

‘Year One’ (2009) Movie, Reviewed

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“Year One” starring Jack Black and Michael Cera made it’s debut this past weekend, Friday June 19,2009. I thought the movie was hilarious. Michael Cera’s onscreen chemistry with Jack Black kind of reminded me of his relationship with Jonah Hill’s in “Superbad” except in ancient times, of course. The general plot was that Jack Black’s character Zed had to leave their tribe for eating of the tree of “Good and Evil”.

Michael Cera’s character Oh followed behind him do to some unfortunate circumstances. They end up traveling the land after discovering that the world is indeed round,meet famous Bible figures, end up in Sodom where they are made guards and then made slaves. Then to conclude the story, they end up freeing all the slaves from the evil Sodom king with their silly wackiness. It had really hilarious moments which focused on spoofs from ancient Bible stories. It really made me laugh the whole time.

There were appearances from funny man David Cross who played Cain,Paul Rudd who played Abel, Christopher Mintz-Plasse aka McLovin from Superbad. He played Isaac son of Abraham in this film. He was really hilarious. It almost kind of reminded of an ancient “SuperBad” movie. I wish they could’ve gotten Jonah Hill to make an appearance. That would’ve been awesome.

I thought the storyline was ok,but that really didn’t matter quite as much since it was just more funny than anything else.It kind of got a little weird there at the end with a little moral story, but overall it was just a very funny movie. It probably won’t win any Oscars,but definitely, it is very funny.

Grade : B +

Movie : Year One
Release Date : June 19, 2009
Studio : Columbia Pictures (Sony)
Director : Harold Ramis
Screenwriter : Harold Ramis, Gene Stupnitsky, Lee Eisenberg
Starring : Jack Black, Michael Cera, Oliver Platt, David Cross, Hank Azaria, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Vinnie Jones, Juno Temple, Olivia Wilde, June Raphael, Horatio Sanz
Genre : Comedy
MPAA Rating : PG-13

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