OnTheFlix Reviews ‘Land of the Lost’ Movie

OnTheFlix Reviews ‘Land of the Lost’ Movie

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“Land of The Lost” which starred Will Ferrell as Dr. Rick Marshall was a funny movie that borderlined on corniness in some of the scenes,but overall it was funny.Will’s character is a scientist who’s come up with a theory on time warp,but nobody believes him especially Matt Lauer. He’s laughed out of the science world. And now three years later is forced to teach little kids. He’s convinced himself to give up on his theory until Holly Contrell walks in one day,and eventually convinces him to re-explore his theory.

Him,Holly,and a hill billy tour guide named Will Stanton get thrown back through time while testing his time warp machine. Once they are there,they face dangerous adventures along with a creature boy named Cha-Ka they meet upon arrival. Some of the dangerous foes they meet there are: Dinosaurs,and alien beings who want to steal Dr. Rick’s time warp machine. But eventually he is able to overcome all the obstacles by somehow befriending a Terrainasaurus Rex. It also has a nice little twist in the end which the fellas will definitely enjoy. It involves a dessert,and half dressed women. Loved it.

This movie was just ok for me. It almost seemed like more of a spoof on prehistoric times as it had a lot more comedy than danger in it. And even when there was danger,it was kind of hard to take it seriously. Will was funny as usual. Holly Contrell played by Anna Friel was hot. Danny McBride played Will Stanton, the hill billy tourist guide who was also pretty funny. Then Jorma Taccone played Cha-Ka the little monkey like creature they met while there. Overall the movie was funny,but it just had this sort of spoof feel to it which made it seem kind of corny at times. It’s a good movie for the family,though.

Grade : B –

Movie : Land of the Lost
Release Date : June 5,2009
Studio : Universal Pictures
Cast : Will Ferrell, Danny R. McBride, Anna Friel, Jorma Taccone

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