Supernatural “Monster Movie” Episode Recap

Supernatural “Monster Movie” Episode Recap

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This 5th episode of season 4 Supernatural “Monster Movie” episode is in black and white as sort of a “spoof” on old black and white horror films. It starts off with Dean and Sam driving into Pennsyvania. They’re talking about what may be a vampire case. Next we see Dean and Sam starting their investigating thing at some carnival . The sheriff shows them a dead girl’s body at the morgue with a vampire bite in her neck. Next, we see Dean and Sam investigating at a bar . Dean flirts with this Blonde chick and they interview this weird guy talking about how he saw the vampire bite that dead girl they saw earlier in the morgue. Then there’s a scene with this guy kissing a girl in the car that’s parked in the woods.

Then some big werewolf monster thingy yanks the guy out and kills him. The camera switches to the girl screaming. Dean and Sam question the girl and study the dead guy’s body to find out more info. Now we see a mummy scene where it chokes a cop to death. Dean and Sam investigate that. Then we cut to a scene where that Blonde chick Dean asked out earlier in the bar is walking alone and gets attacked by what appears to be a vampire. Dean shows up in just the nick of time . Dean fights the vampire and rips off it’s ear which gives away clues that it’s actually a shape shifter pretending to be all these monsters and reinacting scenes from you guessed it “Monster Movies” cause it’s such a huge fan of them ( what a dork). Next we see a scene where Dean runs his mack daddy vibe on that Blonde chick and they kiss. A brunette chick shows up and interupts them which turns out to be the shape shifter while Sam runs off and looks for that weird guy they talked to earlier in the bar thinking that he might be the shape shifter but its not off course since the brunette that interupts Dean and the blonde is the shape shifter so uh oh they’re in trouble.

The shape shifter puts something in Dean and Blonde chicks drinks that makes them pass out. He takes her and Dean back to his house . He has Dean tied up to some electric chair thingy.They exchange nasty words .Then the shape shifter goes to electricute Dean but a door bell from the pizza boy interupts him and he goes to answer it. Then he makes the girl dress up in a fancy white dress and proceeds to poor his heart out to her like a dork. Now Sam shows up at the house and frees Dean . The shape shifter hears them and the girl yells. He knocks her out and goes to find Dean and Sam. They all end up fighting. Then Dean starts to fight him good enough to distract him why the girl picks up a gun and shoots the shape shifter in the back. Yay!!! The madness is over and now hopefully next week we can get back to the Angels,Demons,and stuff that makes this show so gotdamn good. Oh,yeah and Dean kisses the blonde chick again in the end . Whata playa.

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  1. elise says:

    your really sarcastic, and it seems you don’t understand that the episode was making fun of classic films. that’s why it was a couple in a car that got attacked. and i thought the color scheme change was very funny.

  2. stacy paget says:


  3. Bob says:


    HA HA :L

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