The Game “Just when I thought I was out.She pulls me back in” Recap

The Game “Just when I thought I was out.She pulls me back in” Recap

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This 3rd episode of season 3 The Game “Just When I thought I was Out…She Pulls Me Back In” starts out with Malik actually really wanting to make his marriage to Robin Givens work out. He soon starts to realize however that Robin’s mind isn’t quite on the same page as his when she delivers funny line’s like, “I can spare an hour. 7pm,Malik,sex”.Next we see Melanie displaying her freaky side by whipping out the porn movies and getting Derwin to watch them with her so they can get it on. Then, we move on to sexy Tasha Mack and Rick Fox just getting done during their thang and now Tasha starts to talk about keeping their relationship a secret by giving him directions on what to do to not make it look obvious so know one finds out about the two of them. He doesn’t follow her directions to well which makes her start to act all weird around people at the office. No one finds out though as of yet but her acting all funny doesn’t help the situation.

Now, we get back to Malik at his place bummin out about Robin’s behaviour earlier and tells all these decoration people to get out. Then Robin returns from whatever she was doing still on her PR kick wants Malik to do some more things to get her more publicity. Malik at this point has had enough and tells her he wants an enollment. Robin’s face drops,lol!!(kinda funny). Next we see what’s supposed to be a fake arguement in front of the office staff between Tasha and Rick,but then wait a minute. Rick proceeds to call her a bitch and I think at this point it gets well kinda real. Anyways ,things got heated,they exchanged nasty words,and Rick storms off. Now, back to Derwin and Melanie at the apartment having just gotten it on.Melanie’s all happy thinking they had well ya know good times. Derwin then goes to the shower.Melanie decides to go join him only to find him masturbating because he was faking it the whole time. Melanie gets upset.

Derwin explains to her that he was holding back because he’s now afraid he might get her pregnant too. They have a heart to heart conversation. Melanie now appears happy again and Derwin yet again escapes the firey drama flame pit which is Melanie. Now we cut back to Tasha and Rick back at the apartment. Tasha starts to go off on Rick like she’s runnin thangs. Then Rick says “Hold up. I’m Rick Fox;you follow my lead or get left behind.” She says, “Ok daddy” (very funny). Then they kiss and get all cheesy. Malik comes back to his apartment to find Robin is still their upset about some gossip show taking shots at her career . Malik goes to talk to her and they have a heart to heart also and they decide to stay together and not get an enollment. The end .

It seemed like it was kind of a short episode but still entertaining.I’m very interested in seeing where this Robin and Malik thing goes. It looks like Ms. Givens has a new gig for now anyways so we welcome her back.

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    Thanks for that! It’s very hard to find the full episode online!!! Any suggestions?

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