Smallville “Committed” Episode Recap

Smallville “Committed” Episode Recap

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In this 5th episode of season 8 Smallville I got held up and missed the opening part ya know before the theme song comes on. I was super pissed but anyways I caught it from there which is enough to tell you about it.Cloe and Jimmy get engaged in that opening scene or something I think. From there it starts out with Lois waking up from being passed out apparently from getting drunk the previous night. Clark walks in the room .She starts to think they may have had sex. He in not so many words tells her that she’s nuts when she’s been drunk and that they of course didn’t have sex. Then whe go to a scene where Oliver talks with this lady(Tess) about Lex.Then it progresses into him asking her out to dinner. Next, Clark and Lois find out that Cloe and Jimmy didn’t come home and are missing when they check messages on an answering machine in Jimmy and Cloe’s apartment. It says the LAPD impound picked up their car . So Clark and Lois go on the hunt by using a whole bunch of computers,detective work
and stuff.

Next we see that Cloe and Jimmy have been kidnapped by some loonatic that hooks them up to electric chairs which shock them if they don’t tell the truth. It’s funny how he can make morals play into something so immoral but well ya know that’s tv so we’ll go with it I guess. Now he asked Jimmy a question. He lies so it makes Chloe get shocked . The loonatick states that “Lies don’t hurt you. They hurt the ones you love.” So we can see from this that this crazy SOB obviously has some issues as if they weren’t apparent already but now we can kinda delve a little deeper. Clark and Lois are still on the hunt and they decide to pretend to get married because they apparently have found out that this loonatic preys on couples because of his past emotional scars. Also they’ve found out that this guy is a jewler so we see them scowering jewelry shops in hopes to find the loonatic guy that kidnapped Cloe and Jimmy. Oliver walks in on them and they make him believe they’re really gettin hitched,lol!!! Kinda funny . Alright now we’re back in crazy land where he now asks Cloe some questions. Jimmy gets shocked next. Ouch! Now we cut to the Oliver date with that lady(Tess) he asked out to dinner earlier . Apparently it’s a chick he had dated in the past and she’s upset cause he cheated on her or something so they start doing some sparring or somethin. It’s weird . It eventually ends in a kiss.

That loonatic guy finds Lois cause he was the jewler in the jewelry shop earlier and shoots her with something that makes her pass out so now it’s getting real interesting. Now we see Cloe and Jimmy returned back to their apartment I guess because they didn’t lie enough to get killed and they didn’t lie about really loving each other. Cloe and Jimmy give Clark enough clues to find Lois but when he gets there the damn place has Kryptonite in it so Clark’s useless and get’s the shit beat out of him. Now him and Lois are both in the electric chairs He asks Lois a question . Clark gets shocked cause Lois lies. He asks Lois another question. It’s “Do you love Clark”? She has to tell the truth and she says yes and guess what. Clark doesn’t get shocked which means it was the truth ladys and gentlemen and we find it out. Now he asks Clark the same question but Clark finds a way to get the kryptonite away from him. He uses his laser eyes to burn the pipes or somethin . Steam rises up so Lois can’t see him use his powers and he pretty much saves the day as usual and that’s another one for the books. Oh, yeah Lois and Clark play that whole thing off of course as if ya’ll didn’t already know. The end. I liked it . It was another good episode but I’m still wondering if they’re ever gonna get this guy flying or not.

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