Gossip Girl “New Haven Can Wait” Episode Recap

Gossip Girl “New Haven Can Wait” Episode Recap

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This 6th episode of season 2 Gossip Girl starts out with Blair(Leighton Meester) talking to her maid and getting all excited about her attempt to get into Yale. Then the topic of Serena(Blake Lively) comes up and the mood quickly drops. Yeah, and it’s for sure they’re enemeys now. In another scene Serena wants to go to Brown College and tries to talk to Blair about college interviews and Blair is quick to knock her about her choice of schools conveying to her that it’s a lower level school and that she could never get into Yale.

Serena is quick to change her choice to Yale to challenge Blair’s ignorant opinion.Meanwhile Dan(Penn Badgley) is trying to sell his self to Yale’s dean but comes up short when he can only come up with one letter of recommendation. Next, we see that Serena has given an awsome Yale interview much to Blair’s surprise. Nate(Chace Crawford) pretends to be Dan to a College professor lady and hooks up with her. Dan finds out when he tries to visit her and get a letter of recommendation from her.Dan gets mad at Nate. Blair doesn’t give such a great interview in fact quit awful and almost kisses the dean to try to sell herself “awkward”.Chuck get’s kidnapped and carried off by some fraternity guys and then later on tells them that Nate is Dan and they go after Dan and tie him to a pole with nothing else on but his boxers. I guess they wanted to get Nate because they didn’t like his father or somethin. Nate finds Dan and unties him. They make up and become friends for now I guess.

Nate gets mad at Chuck for telling those guys he was Dan and getting Dan tied up. Now we get back to Serena and Blair at the dean’s reception where the dean asks them both a very important question. Blair is able to bring up Serena’s old incident where she let that guy die from a drug overose. Then oh crap as you can imagine things get heated from here and they take this outside where they have a catfight . After all the fighting and slapping they finally have a little heart to heart about how they feel about each other and agree that it would be better if they stayed away from each other rather than trying to battle . Then magically the next day they’re friends again and hug because they both try to get each other into Yale by going back and saying good things about one another. The end .

I thought that the Serena & Blair rivalry would be carried out longer but oh well. I guess I’ll have to take what I can get. Next week though it looks like they’re gonna try and do something to Dan’s friend, Vanessa.

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