NBC Heroes “Angels and Monsters” Episode Recap

NBC Heroes “Angels and Monsters” Episode Recap

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This 5th episode of season 3 Heroes starts off with a deep analysis scene and ask the question am I an “Angel or a Monster”.Let me just say we do stay in the present for this episode.No jumping around a couple of years back and forth in time.I guess they wanted to give us a break this week. Skipping ahead a bit to the important part. We see Peter still wanting to kill people now that he’s aquired Sylar’s addictive powers.He snaps Sylar’s neck and tries to cut Angela Petrelli’s head open like a can opener as if she was campbell soup in an attempt to get her knowledge. Sylar is able to put his kneck back together just in time before Peter has a bowl of Angela Petrelli brain soup and throws Peter up against the wall with his powers.
Next we see this new black or mixed guy named Stephen Canfield who can create vortexes which make people disappear forever if sucked in and for the sake of this recap we’ll just call him vortex guy .Now,guess what Claire decides to go after him .Wow,those cheerleaders, they’re smart,huh? So we skip to a scene with him in his apartment. It shows him creating a vortex thingy;it looks really cool. Then all of a sudden

we see Claire standing behind him with some type of stun gun. He turns around and she shoots him with it.He’s not dead though. I call this part the wakeup scene cause if you hadn’t got into it at this point this scene will wake your ass up fo sho. Hiro encounters Adam Monroe again by opening up his coffin.It’s weird. Now back to Claire and the vortex guy. Claire’s father(Noah) and Sylar find the two after the vortex guy has convinced Claire that he’s a good guy and just misunderstood but then Noah and Sylar not understanding try to attack him prevoking him to use his vortex powers which almost sucks Claire in but Sylar and Noah were able to grab hold of her long enough for the vortex to close and keep her from being sucked in.

Later Noah and Sylar catch up to vortex guy again along with Claire but secretly Noah wants vortex guy to get rid of Sylar for all the killing he’s done in the past. Vortex guy refuses and sucks his ownself into a vortex. I’m not sure if he’s still alive or not but he might as well be since he’s nowhere to be found. Speedster Daphne is given an assignment to bring in none other than her future husband Matt Parkman so we see how all that starts to unfold. Also we see mad scientist Suresh just all jacked up even worse from not being able to cure his self and now he’s becoming a monster and harming people. We also see Tracy the ice chick wanting to turn herself in for killing that one dude with her icepowers. What a dork she is. Nathan tries to stop her claiming noone would believe her anyways. Next we see Hiro and Ando trying to convince Speedster Daphne and her friend that they are bad guys now which ultimately results in a surprise conclusion involving Hiro killing Ando to keep up the bad guy front as he is challenged buy Daphne’s friend to kill him since he has no powers. I suspect Hiro will later go back in time or somthin and change this outcome but for now Ando is six feet under with a cherry on top. Also we see Marideth Claire’s real mom being held captive by some villian who has the power to make people do what he wants.Lets just say this scene ends with some lip action.

Man, this show goes in loops,loops,loops but I guess that’s the idea.

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