Gossip Girl “The Magnificent Archibalds” Episode Review

Gossip Girl “The Magnificent Archibalds” Episode Review

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In episode 11 of season 2 “Gossip Girl” little Jenny is ready to go ahead with the imancipation from her parents,but there is a little hesitation once she realizes that there has to be an investigation done on her parents first for it go through.Rufus finds out about the emancipation papers,and that Jenny’s been hiding out at the Van der Woodsen’s via Eric.Rufus, instead of getting mad, realizes that he has to let Jenny go in order to get her back and it works.She eventually comes back home to welcome arms.

Serena is officially trying to make Aaron her man as she’s ready to compete for his affection with another girl he’s dating. After Serena uses her charm and reveals to Aaron that there is much more that he needs to know about her before they can continue their relationship he decides that he wants to be a one woman man and date Serena exclusively.
Nate’s Father makes a surprise visit back into town.He wants to take him and his mother back to Dominica with him,but unknown to Nate at the time it’s just an elaborate scheme to get more money. Nate eventually finds out via Vanessa and Chuck. Nate ends up confronting his dad and convinces him that he must turn himself in to the FBI if he wants to keep his respect and not ruin their relationship forever.

Lily finds out that Bart has been keeping private detective files on eveyone in his family including the kids after Eric finds them. She gets really upset about it and decides to spend thanksgiving with the Humphreys. Vanessa ends up telling Nate that she didn’t want him to leave after he almost did following after his fugitive father and they end up making plans to hang out again.
Vanessa makes up with Jenny at thanksgiving dinner for kissing Nate,but that’s quickly sort of dappened by her finding a very affectionate letter sent to Jenny by Nate on the kitchen table. She ends up reading and then hiding the letter from Jenny.

My take : This was another well put together episode . The writers always keep something going on on every character. I love how they had Vanessa and Jenny make up,but then slip another little twist in there with the Nate letter just to keep that little spark of animosity going. It’s just genious. I can also just sense each of the relationships on this show are held together by very thin thread-just ready to unravel at anytime. Also that Lily marriage to Bart Bass is a freaking joke and I think we all know it. It’s sure to unravel eventually.

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