‘Crank : High Voltage’ Movie Review

‘Crank : High Voltage’ Movie Review

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Jason Statham is back as hitman, Chev Chelios, but this time he takes huge fall from a very,very high place. A whole bunch of Asian dudes take him to a private hospital, and take his heart out so they can transplant it into some old Asian guy. They give Chev a fake inferior artificial heart that runs on a four or five bar battery pack. Then when that goes out, it has a one hour internal backup battery. After that, it’s lights out for Chev. But I gotta tell you he makes the most out of this little fake heart because there’s another option. If he can somehow keep himself electrically charged then that heart won’t go out on him. this one fact sets the stage for a pretty exciting movie.

As he races across Los Angeles to try and get his heart back he faces many challenges from police cops,fast get away cars,a crazy Asian hottie named,Ria (Bai Ling) who has a major crush on him,and some gang that wants to beat the life out of him. This is one wild adventure. He chases an Asian dude across the city carrying a red ice cooler box for most of the film thinking he’s keeping his heart in it, but eventually finds out, once he catches up to him that it’s just something weird in the box that they did not reveal.

Chev’s doctor friend, Doc Miles (Dwight Yoakam) finds out who has his heart. It’s some very old Chinese guy. He uses a prostitute to lure the old Chinese guy back to his apartment to retrieve Chev’s heart. The movie ends with one big showdown between multiple gangs of people which involved gun shots,fighting,kicking,and one final big huge electrical jolt through Chev’s body to get that fake heart pumping again. Yeah, it was pure “Crank” baby.

My Take : I thought this film was extremely entertaining with a lot of action coupled with some very funny moments. I almost didn’t recognize that Asian hottie, Bai Ling. She totally went into a different character in this film as the crazy Asian chick.It’s not a role she usually plays. I also like how Jason Statham just really kicks butt. Don’t mess with Jason Statham, he will kick your butt, hard. And, oh I haven’t seen Amy Smart in a while,but every now and then she shows up in one of these high profile films.The story was also pretty unique and interesting. So yeah,I think this is a good action movie to go see.

Grade : B +

Movie : Crank 2 : High Voltage
Release Date : April 17,2009
Studio : Lionsgate
Cast : Jason Statham, Amy Smart, Dwight Yoakam, Efren Ramirez, Clifton Collins Jr., Bai Ling

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