New ‘Priest’ Movie Delivered Great Action,Drama & Special Effects

New ‘Priest’ Movie Delivered Great Action,Drama & Special Effects

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New ‘Priest’ movie delivered great action,drama & special effects. Screen Gems (Sony) released their new action/thriller flick “Priest” into theaters this weekend. I just checked it out,and I thought it was very good. It delivered a lot of intense fighting and action scenes,along with some pretty cool special effects. The movie stars: Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, Cam Gigandet, Maggie Q, Lily Collins, Steven Moyer, Brad Dourif,and Christopher Plummer.

In the flick, a race of vampires who were thought to be long extinct after the priests destroyed them, show back up on the scene to kill off a small family in the wastelands. However, they decided to steal the daughter Lucy (Lily Collins) on purpose for a much greater plan.

Shortly after that, Lucy’s boyfriend Hicks (Cam Gigandet) shows up on the scene to warn Priest (Paul Bettany) that his supposed niece has been taken by vampires,and to maybe get his help in rescuing her. Priest has to eventually defy his order in an effort to try and save Lucy. He eventually teams up with Hicks and other fellow Warrior Priestess (Nikita’s Maggie Q).

Together, they discover that not only are the vampires still alive,but that they have built up a whole new army of them that must be destroyed. Once Priest and the others discover the vamps’ location,they hatch up a plan to take them all out at once

From here on out, the movie leads to an awesome,drama-filled ending that included lots of fighting and a great twist that even Priest didn’t see coming. I really enjoyed watching this one. It featured very cool scenes that included Priest throwing up a handful of crosses and using them to take out a whole group of vamps,Priestess taking out five men on motor bikes,a very cliff-hanger type ending,and more.

There was never a boring moment in this flick. It really delivered on the drama an action. I didn’t know priests could be such badasses. I loved Maggie Q in this. It was a great,fitting role for her because she’s a pure action chick. Paul Bettany’s intensity was unmatched as Priest,delivering a very convincing performance. I gave the movie an A grade. Follow us on Facebook for more movie news,reviews,and more by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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  1. VirtualSurf says:

    Thank you for your great review. I just saw it, and really enjoyed it. I have been waiting for Priest ever since Cam Gigandet signed on to it back in July 2009.

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