‘A Perfect Get Away’ Movie Revealed Mystery & Twists Galore

‘A Perfect Get Away’ Movie Revealed Mystery & Twists Galore

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Milla Jovovich took a slight break away from her usual action roles to play Cydney in “A Perfect Get Away” movie this weekend. It was a pretty unique movie with some interesting twists and excitement, mostly towards the end.

In the plot, Cydney and Cliff (Steve Zahn) are a what appears to be, a typical romantic couple who are going on a vacation in Honolulu for their honeymoon. However when they get there, and begin their hiking tour, things start to get a bit irie.

They find out that a couple has been brutally murdered by a supposed woman and man team,and they are still on the loose. They decide to go on further anyways, despite the news, with there crazy tour guide Nick (Timothy Olyphant) and his girlfriend Gina (Kiele Sanchez).

Cydney and Jeff start to get very suspicious of them as they seem to fit the profile of the murderers. They eventually make it through the hike,and make it to the beach where both the couples came face to face with the actual killers. But one of the couples didn’t seem to mind,which is where the amazing twist in this movie kicks in.

This movie took us on one deceptive joy ride, which had me thinking a totally different thing was going on , which they revealed in one huge back story towards the end.

The twist in this film was not an easy guess by any means,but I did start to think correctly just before they revealed the twist, just because I thought it would be a good twist,but not because I actually knew it. They totally kept things hidden until the end. It was good entertainment.

The movie was pretty good,overall. I never got bored . It had mystery to it,and I really like Timothy Olyphant as crazy “Nicko”. He’s really funny. It was interesting to see Milla Jovovich play such a different character. However, she did show a bit of that action side to her, in the end. If you like movies with a bit of mystery and a good,one hell of a twist to them. Then this, is the movie to go see.

Grade B+

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