‘District 9’ Was An Action Packed, Unique, And Sorta Weird Movie

‘District 9’ Was An Action Packed, Unique, And Sorta Weird Movie

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TriStar Picture’s sci-fi thriller, “District 9” movie hit the theaters this weekend, and I must say that it was a pretty interesting film. It had a pretty good story,although the ending left a little bit to be desired for me.

The plot revolved around Multi-National United (MNU) field operative, Wikus van der Merwe (Sharlto Copley) and a whole bunch of aliens. They landed on Earth decades ago,and have since resided in District 9,located in South Africa for 28 years.

Eventually control over the aliens was handed over to MNU, who’s primary goal was to find out how to use the alien’s powerful weapons which can only be used by someone with alien DNA.

Wikus was sent over to District 9 to hand out notices of eviction to the aliens Unfortunately for Wikus he contracted a weird DNA altering virus while searching one of the alien’s homes.

Once, MNU found out that Wikus was mutating into an alien,they did not want to help him . Instead, they wanted to kill him to find out more about his DNA so they could harness it to use the alien weapons.

Eventually, Wikus was able to escape,and from there on out,he was a fugitive fighting for his life,and befriended the aliens he once interrogated and actually ends up helping them accomplish their goals.

I liked the story that it told. It was pretty unique,and I never got bored watching it. The whole alien mutation thing was pretty gross as they usually are. It had a lot of action with a lot of shooting and people exploding into bits,literally. I wish the ending could have been slightly better. Other than that,it was a pretty good film.

Grade : B

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