Walking Dead Season 7,Episode 15 Three New Sneak Peek Clips Released

Walking Dead Season 7,Episode 15 Three New Sneak Peek Clips Released

Recently, AMC dropped these 3,new, sneak peek/spoiler clips (below) for their upcoming “The Walking Dead” episode 15 of the current season 7. Yep, this season’s almost over guys, and things definitely look intense in this one as Rick and company are spotted, marching through the woods and hopping on boats, appearing to get ready for a major attack situation. We also see Maggie, engaging in a very interesting conversation with Gregory at one point.

The first clip is just a promo that gives us looks at a couple of different scenes that are going to take place. We see Rick and company, making their way through the woods. Then at one point, they are seen, taking a boat ride to somewhere. Michonne is spotted, taking some wicked gunshots at someone. A major explosion goes down that causes a lot of chaos to break out. It looks pretty wild.

Then in the 2nd and 3rd clips, we see a scene with Maggie, chatting with Gregory about how they need to make a united front. It ends with Gregory apologizing for not being supportive before. Maggie seemed to believe it, and agreed to talk with him later on. The 3rd clip looks real fishy, though, because they make it appear that Gregory is really thinking about possibly doing some damage to Maggie with that knife he’s holding. Check em out ,below, and stay tuned. This episode is set to hit the airwaves this Sunday night, March 26th at 8pm central standard time on AMC.

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