New Ben Affleck ‘Batman’ Movie Reportedly Encountering Lots of Problems,New Details

New Ben Affleck ‘Batman’ Movie Reportedly Encountering Lots of Problems,New Details

According to a new report from the folks over at , there have been some major problems that have taken place with the production of the new Batman stand-alone film that has Ben Affleck attached as the main star. The first bit of shaky news that they revealed has to do with actor Joe Manganiello.

Apparently, he was announced to co-star in the movie as the villain Deathstroke. However, in a more recent interview with “Pittsburgh Live Today,” he showed a lot of uncertainty when they asked him if he was still involved in the big project. They say he just shrugged his shoulders and said he wasn’t sure.

Next, they revealed that the big movie site Slash Film released a new article that claimed the movie’s current script just got trashed after having several other changes to it! Now, they’re trying to rewrite the damn thing from scratch. They’ve also delayed the production so that they can wait for the new director they’ve hired Matt Reeves to get done with post-production of the big “War for the Planet of the Apes” production he’s been working on.

As previously reported, Affleck who originally signed on as producer, director and actor dropped two of those responsibilities in early January 2017 to allow him more time to focus on the acting part of the film. Affleck has also said if the script doesn’t come together the way he would like it to, he just won’t do it.

To cap their article off, Polygon said the new Batman film currently has a director with a nervous cast and no script. They’re not even scheduled to start filming this thing until sometime in 2018 due to a pushback in the schedule so it’s highly likely that it won’t actually hit theaters until 2019 sometime and that’s if no other problems arise. Stay tuned.

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