New Prison Break Season 6 Currently In Question. FOX Is Still Thinking About It,New Details

New Prison Break Season 6 Currently In Question. FOX Is Still Thinking About It,New Details


Hey, “Prison Break” fans. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you guys if your favorite show will be back in action for a new season 6 yet because FOX is still questioning whether or not they want to renew it. According to TV Line , The CEOs of FOX Television Group Dana Walden and Gary Newman showed up at the recent FOX Upfronts that took place earlier this month.

While they were there, they were asked if they would be bringing back the show for a new 6th season. Dana decided to chime in to answer that question. She told them, “We would definitely consider doing more episodes. I know the producers are thinking about it.”

After that, she explained that she thinks of “Prison Break” as more of a special with intermittent encores. There was a huge eight year gap between the 4th season and this current 5th season so we know they definitely don’t mind taking their time with this particular show. All I can say is I wouldn’t hold my breathe waiting for a renewal announcement.

Also, the folks over at Entertainment Weekly were able to chat with one of the main stars Wentworth Miller. They asked him if he would want to do more seasons of Prison Break. He answered them by saying, “I wouldn’t rule it out. I feel like there’s more story there and now we’re talking about multiple generations. There are a lot of different directions that we could go, but I’m not in favor of exploring any of that unless there’s something awesome that we can sink our teeth into.”

So, at the moment, it sounds like things are pretty up in the air in regards to a new season 6. If any other news pops up, we’ll definitely get it posted on this site. Stay tuned.

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