New Suicide Squad 2 Movie Already Has Script Writer And Looking For a Director, ASAP

New Suicide Squad 2 Movie Already Has Script Writer And Looking For a Director, ASAP

According to a new report coming out of the Batman News camp, the Warner Bros. Pictures folks are definitely trying to get this new “Suicide Squad 2” movie project underway as quickly as possible. They’re reporting that they’ve already gotten someone to write up the script for them. There’s also been reports that they actually want actor Mel Gibson to come on and direct this thing.

As of right now, he hasn’t responded to their offer so the studio is considering a couple of other directors. Some names that have popped up are: Ruben Fleischer, Daniel Espinosa and Jonathan Levine. Now, they’ve just added a new name to the possible list of directors. This person is: Jaume Collet-Serra. Jaume has apparently directed movies for Warner Bros in the past. One of them includes: “Run All Night,” which was released back in 2015 starring: Liam Neeson.

They got their intel from “Variety” and “The Wrap” reporter Jeff Sneider so they think this news is pretty reliable but should still be treated as a rumor for right now. Also, another reason to consider this a rumor is that Sneider hasn’t been able to properly verify it at the moment. According to, the release date for Suicide Squad 2 is currently scheduled for November 19th,2019, so we have over two years of wait time for this thing to officially come out and that’s if nothing gets pushed back. Stay tuned.

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