Big Brother 19 POV Ceremony Results For August 7th Revealed & More

Big Brother 19 POV Ceremony Results For August 7th Revealed & More

Earlier today, August 7,2017, the POV Ceremony for Big Brother 19 took place. The current eviction nominees that were on the block are: Mark, Elena and Jessica. Jessica was up there as a third nominee for finishing in last place in the temptation comp. Mark won the POV. So, no surprises happened on that front. Mark definitely used it to pull himself off the block.

Then just as we reported before, the current HOH Josh went ahead with the plan to nominate Raven to take Mark’s place on the chopping block. She is of course just a pawn. As far as we know right now, Jessica is the main target for the house. However, Josh has been really pushing to try and get Elena out.

He really doesn’t trust her at all. He doesn’t like that she voted him to leave a couple weeks ago. He said that she’s very smart and manipulative. She’s also been strong in a few of the comps lately. He said she’s good for Paul’s game but not for his. Paul told him that he agreed Elena is shady but it’s best to get Jessica out right now before she can make jury.

Last night, Josh and Christmas engaged in a two-hour plus conversation about how they could go about getting Elena out this week. It was very intriguing. Ultimately, they came back around to thinking Jess should actually go this week. Christmas pointed out that Jessica and Cody together are a very strong duo so they need to be split up. However, there was a moment where Christmas was on board to vote out Elena.

Even though Josh agreed at the moment, I still think the thoughts of getting out Elena might creep back up for him. Then we’ll see another push from him to get her out especially if she does something else to tick him off.

Elsewhere, Kevin is trying to pull off some pretty slick stuff behind Paul’s back by promising Cody that he and Jason will try to work with him to keep him safe in these upcoming weeks. Christmas has also indicated that she wants to eventually turn on Paul and shake things up somehow. So, after this week, it’s possible that we might see some people step up to pull of some interesting game play that could be a detriment to Paul.

Back to the Jessica issue, she does only need 4 votes to bring things to a tie break. At that point, Josh will definitely be enticed to send Elena home to break the tie. The problem is that Jess seems to just be lying around and waiting for her demise which is disappointing. There’s no doubt that if she stopped fawning over Cody and played the game, she could possibly get the votes she needs to turn this thing around.

Anyways, with all that said, the consensus around the house is to vote Jessica out this Thursday night. But as we all know, anything could change in the Big Brother house. Jess does have a guaranteed Cody vote. All she would need is three others to set up a tie-break situation.

To recap, Elena, Jessica and Raven are the current and final eviction nominees on the chopping block. Raven is just the pawn. Jessica is the likely one to go. However, Josh is still pushing to get Elena out. We’ll definitely report if something crazy takes place that could flip the votes. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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