‘Observe and Report’ Movie Review

‘Observe and Report’ Movie Review

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Although “Observe and Report” did have it’s differences to the Kevin James “Paul Blart” movie, it was way to similar in the overall scheme of the way the film played out.

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The plot involved Seth Rogen’s character, Ronnie Barnhardt as a, you guessed it, mall cop with dreams of bigger things ,and who’s ego is way bigger than who he actually is. He also has a crush on a girl named, Brandi (Anna Farris) that works in the mall at the beauty department. Everytime he tries to talk to her, he says weird and crazy things to her. There’s also a crazy flasher who runs around the mall parking lot, showing his genetals to everyone. Ronnie Barnhardt’s number one goal is to bring down the flasher.

The mall, however brings in a real detective named, Detective Harris ( Ray Liotta). Ronnie feeling threatened by him, fouls up his investigation claiming that it’s his case. From then on out, Detective Harris does everything in his power to see that he fails. He leaves him on the streets by himself in a bad neighborhood,stops him from joining the police force, hooks up with Brandi, the girl of his dreams, and gets him stripped of his coveted mall security badge. But all is not lost because in the end it is Ronnie Barnhardt who captures the infamous mall flasher,and gets his job back. He also gives that mean, cheating Brandi a piece of his mind.

My Take :While the movie had its funny moments,it seemed like a flat watered down version of “Paul Blart :Mall Cop” accept Paul Blart was more funny. I thought a lot of Seth Rogan’s lines were really telegraphed and corny. The good thing is, I always like Anna Farris. She’s just so damn sexy,but knows how to be silly and funny. I like that. As for originality and storyline go, major points get taken off for that. Again, I thought the content of the movie was just way to similar to “Paul Blart”.

The highlight of the film for me was actually a newcomer by the name of Jesse Plemmons who played Charles. His character seemed like the only sane one in a group of retards. He would always look at them like the retards they are, which really cracked me up.Although his role was pretty small, I enjoyed it. They need to somehow make a movie around his character. I think it would be funny as hell. But, yeah this movie overall was pretty mediocre.

Grade : C –

Movie : Observe and Report
Release Date : April 10,2009
Studio : Warner Bros. Pictures
Cast : Seth Rogen, Anna Faris, Michael Pena, Ray Liotta, Jesse Plemons

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