New ‘Chronicle’ Movie Delivered Great Drama,Action,Special Effects & More

New ‘Chronicle’ Movie Delivered Great Drama,Action,Special Effects & More

New ‘Chronicle’ movie delivered great drama,action,special effects & more. 20th Century Fox released their new sci-fi/drama flick “Chronicle” into theaters this weekend. I just watched it,and I thought it was a very entertaining watch as it delivered a ton of action,thrills,drama,and even some comedy. The movie stars: Dane DeHaan, Michael B. Jordan, Alex Russell,and Michael Kelly.

In the film, three teenagers Andrew,Matt,and Steve make a shocking discovery underground one night. After that,they started to develop wicked telekinetic powers that only grew stronger with time. Eventually,they’re were even able to fly and shield themselves with the power.

Intent on having fun with their new abilities,they ran around town,playing tricks on people in stores and such. However, the fun stops for a spell,when unstable Andrew made a car go off the road,nearly killing the driver.

After getting past that,they try and help Andrew get out of his shell a little bit,and meet girls after winning a talent show with his new powers. Unfortunately,Andrew’s problems at home,got the better of him as he had an abusive father that liked to slap him around and a mother who was dying because they couldn’t afford her medication.

Andrew eventually uses his powers for bad to steal money for his mother’s health medication. Unfortunately,for Andrew, this got him into a terrible accident that landed him the hospital. But the fun,picked right back up when his abusive father came to visit him in the hospital,and started shouting at him,leading Andrew to completely go off the deep end.

Andrew started killing everyone in sight, and it led to a huge,showdown conclusion between Andrew and Matt,who was the only one left with the powers to stop him. It was a very interesting movie to watch,almost like a super hero flick,but not really since we knew they were just normal kids,who happened upon mysterious powers.

It was fun to watch,never had a boring moment,and the conclusion was quite epic. I gave it a good A grade. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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