CW The Game ‘The Side Part, Under Episode’ Review

CW The Game ‘The Side Part, Under Episode’ Review

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In the 8th episode of season 3 “The Game”. Melanie starts sleeping with the doctor(guest star Jason Olive) that teaches her white coat group after having split again from Derwin after a huge argument last week. Meanwhile, Derwin is steady trying to cope with his player stock dropping and not knowing if his Saber’s contract will be renewed.He asks Jason and Malik for advice. They tell him to call Merve and set up a meeting,but instead he sends Tasha over to talk some sense into him and to tell him what the reality is.

Melanie discovers that her relationship with her new doctor friend isn’t so exclusive when he tells her that he has dates with other women lined up. Melanie, upset again has to come to grips with the fact that relationships aren’t as exclusive as she once thought. She gets some good advice from an elder patient that she’s assigned to and decides to develop new more open and free dating rules for herself . This leads her to make up with Derwin and to date him again,but with a much more open and free relationship.

My take : This was a pretty simple episode since it focused mainly on Melanie and Derwin’s issues leaving three other couples out of the mix this week. It was still a very entertaining and an evolving show for Melanie which may lead to her keeping the drama to a minimum at least for a little bit.

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