Supernatural “Wishful Thinking” Episode Review

Supernatural “Wishful Thinking” Episode Review

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The 8th episode of season 4 “Supernatural, Wishful thinking” unravels the mystery of a magic wishing well. Dean and Sam investigate what appears to be a ghost(actually a boy who can turn invisible) popping up in women’s showers,and a talking bi polar teddy bear. After a little more exploration they come to find out that it has to do with a magical wishing well that grants wishes at first but then they turn bad and create problems for the wisher. It turns out that it’s actually a magical ancient coin that’s stuck in the bottom of the well by the original wisher and only he can remove the coin from the well thereby stopping it from creating more wishes and prevent sending the town into chaos.

Their investigation to find the original wisher leads them to a coin collecting geek named, Wesley who apparently was given the magical coin by his grandfather before he died. He decided to use it to land a beautiful chick named, Hope and now the whole town is able to use that same coin as it again is stuck in the well which he threw it in. After seeing some chaotic events some of which include a kid with super strength gone mad and his girlfriend,Hope wishing Sam dead by striking him with lightening to save their magically enhanced love. Wesley finally comes to the obvious conclusion that he needs to remove the coin from the well thereby erasing all the wishes and making things right again.

My take: I thought it was a very good and interesting episode exploring the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it”.

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  1. vacelts says:

    Teddy bear doctors – now that’s a cover I never expected the Winchesters to use. But I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. 🙂 I’m just glad that we didn’t learn that “teddy” was one of Lilith’s minions.

    Seriously, I love how this show makes me laugh and cry in the same episode. The brother moments are always so heart felt.

    I’m not sure I had a favorite line this episode, but there were some good ones. However, I loved that Dean lifted a bottle of booze when they checked out the break in at the liquor store.

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