Smallville “Bloodline” Episode Review

Smallville “Bloodline” Episode Review

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The 8th episode of season 8 “Smallville” lets us know where Kara’s been hiding out as Clark opens a strange package with no return address on it containing a beautiful blue crystal which activates when Clark picks it up. It sends both him and Lois back to the phantom zone. Once there Lois believes they’ve been abducted by aliens. Clark finds Kara there after she tries to attack them before realizing that it is her long lost cousin. She tries to help send Lois back first through the portal but Faora,Zod’s wife manages to escape through the portal also before it closes and takes over Lois’ body.

Meanwhile Tess is hot on the trail to find that crystal and who it belongs to. Faora seeks to find her son who turns out to be Davis(Sam Witwer). She discovers that he doesn’t know who he really is yet so she stabs and kills him knowing that when he wakes up he’ll be stronger and invincible. Chloe having found the crystal earlier at Clark’s house was able to use it to open a portal and bring Kara and Clark back. Clark catches up with Faora and is able to distract her long enough for Kara to get there and send Faora back to the phantom zone with John Jone’s crystal. Then we see a big surprise at the end after Davis wakes up. He tries to stab himself and discovers that he is actually Kryptonian and invincible as well when the knife shatters.

My take: I thought this was absolutely one of the better episodes of the season so far with some big surprises in it. It will be interesting to see what Davis does with his newfound knowledge of who he really is. Will he use it for evil? We’ll see.

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