Gossip Girl “There Might Be Blood” Episode Review

Gossip Girl “There Might Be Blood” Episode Review

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The 9th episode of season 2 “Gossip Girl” starts off revealing that Nate may have had some second thoughts about kissing Jenny. Meanwhile,Jenny is planning a fashion show party crash to display her new designs at the expense of a Bass fancy party. Dan finds out about Nate’s romantic interludes with Jenny when caught on camera giving her another kiss. Serena is still trying to get Blair into Yale. Blair ends up having to look out for the 15 year old daughter of an important Yale donor. Things end up getting hectic though as the daughter has plans of losing her virginty over a contest with one of her peers.

Dan isn’t to happy about what happened with Nate and Jenny and tells him to move out of their place. Jenny’s little party crash to display her new clothing line ends up being a success . She runs and gives Nate a hug and kisses him but this time they have a very interesting audience by the name of Vanessa looking on in dislike of the situation.She walks off and Jenny runs after her. It was soo wild;you could just see Vanessa’s aura instantly change. Blair is able to successfully stop the Yale donor’s daughter from losing her virginty to some guy she had just met in the bar with the help Of Chuck Bass. Jenny’s dad didn’t like the whole party crash that she pulled which created more distance between the them. So much in fact that we see her playing the runaway role at the end. Also Nate decides to leave town to go stay with his mom.

  • My take: I think it’s very interesting what they’re doing with Jenny’s character especially with her being so young .The scene with Vanessa seeing Nate kiss Jenny was mint.They have moved these characters along really far in a very short amount of time.
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