Dollhouse ‘Echoes’ Episode Review

Dollhouse ‘Echoes’ Episode Review

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Review : A weird airborn drug in the lab of a college campus is all of a sudden making the students lose their minds,and go crazy. Sometimes resulting in death. Echo is suddenly drawn away from her assignment to the college because of a sudden flashback she had there when she was Caroline. As the Dollhouse tries to find an antidote for the drug, they program Lubov and Sierra to go in and contain the situation.

The drug apparently doesn’t have the same effect on actives as it does on everyone else. The actives don’t get effected as quickly but eventually it causes them to have flashbacks. When Echo makes her way over to the college, she meets a guy named, Sam who appears to want to help her find out who’s responsible for the drug. However, it eventually turns out that Sam himself is the one responsible for the drug . He wants to sell it to a big company for profit. Echo runs him down and stops him with the help of a knock out blow from her handler, Boyd Langton.

My Take : Great episode

Grade : A

TV Show : Dollhouse : Echoes – Episode 7, Season 1
Original Air Date : Friday March 27, 2009
Network : Fox Network

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