Dollhouse ‘Gray Hour’ Episode Review

Dollhouse ‘Gray Hour’ Episode Review

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Review : Echo is hired and programmed to be an expert safe cracker named “Taffy” .They break into an art museum to steal an important piece of art worth millions. Everything is going well until someone on her four man team decides he wants it for himself, and takes off locking them in the museum with only 30 minutes left until the system alarms go off sending the police in.

Taffy / Echo is sure she can get them out.First, She makes a phone call to Boyd on her cell phone to instruct him to intercept the guy who stole the art,and get it back. All of a sudden however, Echo is remotely wiped of Taffy’s persona , and left helpless. The Dollhouse program Sierra the other active with Taffy’s persona to see if she can get them out of the museum before the alarms go off, but a now untrained Echo fouls up the procedure. The alarms go off sending in the police. Luckily she is instinctively able to find a way out the back with the help of one of the other thieves she was working with.Meanwhile “The Dollhouse” continues to send Lubov to distract Agent Paul Ballard off their trail even more.

My Take : Another excellent episode . I thought they would run one of these type of episodes where the active’s memory goes hay wire, but I thought it would be further down the road than the fourth episode. Still, though, it was very interesting.

Grade : A

TV Show : Dollhouse : Gray Hour – Episode 4, Season 1
Original Air Date : Friday March 6, 2009
Network : Fox Network

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