Dollhouse ‘Man On The Street’ Episode Review

Dollhouse ‘Man On The Street’ Episode Review

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Review : In this episode, they find out that Sierra has been raped By one of the men on the staff. Meanwhile, agent Paul Ballard finally comes face to face with echo when he raids a rich guy’s home who has hired echo to be his pretend wife. The security guards come and create a distraction allowing echo to escape with Boyd Langton. Boyd also finds out who’s been raping Sierra when the guy tries it again.Adelle sends the guy who raped Sierra out on an assignment to kill Mellie who is very close to Paul Ballard. However, this is really a mission to execute that guy because the Dollhouse somehow programmed a trigger in Mellie’s brain which makes her a lethal fighter.

They also program Echo to go back out ,and have a personal confrontation with agent Paul Ballard which results in a very intense fight between the two. It eventually ends with Echo telling him the Dollhouse is real,but that he can’t do anything to stop them as they are highly protected, and that there are at least 20 Dollhouses in existance. She basically tells him that he needs to back off with his investigation of the Dollhouse.

My Take : Great episode

Grade : A

TV Show : Dollhouse : Man On The Street – Episode 6, Season 1
Original Air Date : Friday March 20, 2009
Network : Fox Network

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