Dollhouse ‘Stage Fright’ Episode Review

Dollhouse ‘Stage Fright’ Episode Review

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Review : A singing star’s(Reyna) life is being threatened by a stalker so her manager employs the “Dollhouse” to send Echo on another mission to protect her. They program her to be a backup singer for Reyna,but also secretly protect her from the stalker at the same time. As Echo gets further along in her mission she learns that Reyna has some mental issues, and is really the one behind all of the stalker incidents. Reyna actually wants the stalker to kill her so not only does Echo have to stop the actual stalker,but she must also stop Reyna from killing herself.

Echo starts to think outside of the box, and comes up with a genius plan that involved bringing Reyna face to face with not only her stalker, but Death itself. She sets up a situation made to look like Reyna could actually die, and it scares her back to sanity. Echo also gets rid of the stalker by beating the crap out of him, and also saves Sierra who was programmed to be Reyna’s number one fan who was kidnapped by the stalker for hostage purposes. Lubov, who is another active is programmed to be a character that throws Agent Paul Ballard off the “Dollhouse” scent as he is actively trying to find them, and stop their operation.

My Take : Excellent episode

Grade : A

TV Show : Dollhouse : Stage Fright – Episode 3, Season 1
Original Air Date : Monday February 27, 2009
Network : Fox Network

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