Gossip Girl “Pret a Poor J” Episode Review

Gossip Girl “Pret a Poor J” Episode Review

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In this 8th episode of Season 2 “Gossip Girl” we see Blair having dreams for chuck but she can’t fufill them because she still can’t tell him she loves him.She gets advice from both Serena and Dan which leads her to try and seduce Chuck.After a few failed attempts she almost gets him to break down but not quite.This leads to them having a long heart to heart but we never see her say those three magic words. It was interesting none the less.

Little Jenny Humphrys makes yet another dress that Eleanore Waldorf’s buyers like. Eleanor persuades her to let her use the design which works for a little while but Jenny meets a new friend named, Agnes who reveals a different opinion to what’s going on and convinces her that she should make her own line and quit letting Eleanor bite off hers. After a big heated argument between Eleanor and Jenny. Jenny quits and tells Eleanore that she can’t have her designs anymore.

Serena meets another guy. Some artsy guy named, Aaron Rose who charms her and they immediately hit it off but she still being a little unsure about her feelings for Dan turns down an initial date proposal from him. After getting the green light from Dan that it’s ok and that they are just friends she goes back after Aaron only to be dissappointed buy seeing him ride off with another girl.

Then we see a nice little twist with Nate and Jenny at the end as they lock lips for a long one. Nate had been following her around for the whole episode making sure she was ok and then it just finally came to a head that he really cares about her.

My take: I thought it was yet another intriguing episode. I was never bored. I like Dan’s character the best as he seems to be the most sane one of all the kids.The other ones always seemed to be wraaped up in some mindless drama but, Dan always knows when to say when.

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