‘Miss March’ (2009) Movie Review

‘Miss March’ (2009) Movie Review

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In Miss March, Eugene Bell (Zach Cregger ) and Tucker Cleigh (Trevor Moore) grow up together, and are best friends. However, Tucker is more of a sex crazed person do to his obsession with “Playboy”magazine throughout the years. Eugene is more of a clean cut, square type of individual. Eugene’s girlfriend, Cindi Whitehall (Raquel Alessi) wants to have sex on their prom night for the first time. Eugene being very uptight and nervous about it, decides to get drunk with Tucker before they do it, so drunk in fact, that he walks through the wrong door and falls down a huge flight of stairs into the basement,and then a toolbox falls on his head followed by a huge wooden shelf.

It puts him in a comma for four full years. Tucker finally wakes him up by hitting him over the head with a baseball bat. When Eugene wakes up panicked, he sees that he can’t walk, and can’t control his bowels so he takes a dump all over the place. His muscles have atrophied so he has to undergo therapy. But before he can, Tucker rushes him out of the hospital to the playboy mansion to find his long lost girlfriend, Cindi who is now a “Playboy” model. Tucker also wants to escape from his angry girlfriend, Candace (Molly Stanton) who wants to kill him for stabbing her with a fork in an oral sex incident. They take a detour to meet up with old high school friend now turned successful rapper, Horsedick.MPEG ( Craig Robinson). Horsedick.MPEg is very famous, and can get them into the “Playboy” mansion,but when Horsedick.MPEG tells Eugene that he slept with Cindi he tries to hit him,and then takes a dump all over his tour bus from his weakened bowels. That gets them thrown out.

So then they hitch hike with two lesbians the rest of the way which is quite eventful and very funny. Once at the “Playboy”mansion, Eugene finally finds Cindi after almost getting bounced out,chased by angry fireman because one of them is Candace’s brother,and tied up in a holding room for being mistaken for a stalker. Him and Cindi talk,but Eugene is angry because he thinks Cindi left him while he was in his comma. But he eventually comes to find out that Cindi had been doing the modeling to pay for all his hospital bills, and Tucker just never noticed ,and failed to tell him that bit of important information. Candace finally catches up with Tucker who after having a talk with Hugh Hefner realizes what he needs to do to make up with her. So just before her brother gets ready to kill him he finds the right words to make her love him again. And in conclusion we find out a very funny fact that Horsedick.MPEG doesn’t even have a penus. He just has two straws hanging from skin.It was so weird, yet so funny at the same time.

My Take This movie is full of laughs, and very entertaining. It won’t win an Oscar by any means, but it is a great comedy. The story line was ok,and the characters were surprisingly different and unique especially Horsedick.MPEG. He’s one of the funniest characters I’ve ever seen. I also thought the on air chemistry between Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore was excellent.It was remenissant of that between the two “Fired Up”guys. Hollywood has been coming out with a lot of these two funny, duo character type movies here lately. Well, if you wanna get your laughs on, this movie will definitely do just that.

Grade : B +

Movie : Miss March
Release Date : March 13,2009
Studio : Fox Searchlight Pictures
Cast : Zach Cregger, Trevor Moore, Raquel Alessi, Molly Stanton, Craig Robinson

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