Gossip Girl “Chuck In Real Life” Recap

Gossip Girl “Chuck In Real Life” Recap

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This 7th episode of season 2 “Gossip Girl” starts with Serena joining her existing and new family(the Basses) for dinner and they go over some new guidelines or rules which Serena greatly disagrees with.Next we see Vanessa chatting with Dan about petitioning to save a building(her resturant where she works) from being torn down. Chuck is upset that Dan and Nate are becoming buddys and tells them to cut it out already.Vanessa tries to take on a new role of blackmailing by making Blair get a thousand signatures in six hour or she’ll spread around some pictures she got of Blair’s ex, Marcus kissing the dutchess, Kathryn. Blair at first doesn’t think she would stoop that low,but then Vanessa makes sure that Blair knows that well maybe she should.Meanwhile Chuck reveals to Serena that the only reason why they have these new family rules is because his dad, Bart wants to impress some business people. Serena then takes that as an excuss to act up, and I must say she is very good at it.

Next we see Blair starting to plan her plot with Chuck to get back at Vanessa for blackmailing her. The plan is for Chuck to seduce Vanessa and then humiliate her in the end. Now, we see Serena and Blair having lunch and then Eric shows up with his new boyfriend, Jonathan. Chuck begins his attempts at charming Vanessa by offering to buy the resturant building she’s trying to save. It’s a failed attempt for now since Vanessa doesn’t trust him.Dan finds out that his used to be rich friend, Nate is now poor when he attempts to stop by his house by mistake when Nate wasn’t there. Chuck decides he wants to back out of the Blair plan to get back at Vanessa because there’s not enough in it for him,but then Blair offers to sleep with him if he follows through with it and succeeds at humiliating her. Chuck agrees and the deal is back on. Vanessa comes back to talk to Chuck because after a second look at his business proposal she finds that it’s ligit,but she still doesn’t quite trust him yet . Dan invites Nate to Dinner. Chuck ,after meeting and hitting it off with the owner of the building Vanessa is trying to save starts to convince her that meybe he is for real and is being a good boy now. Chuck invites Vanessa to a housewarming party that his dad is throwing. We find out that Chuck’s father didn’t know that Chuck was buying the building and is now very unhappy after finding out and is not going to allow it.

Dan ends up telling Nate at dinner that he saw his house and the seizure notices. Nate gets upset about it and tells them he has to go. Serena ends up showing out at Bart’s dinner party and spilling dirty laundry about their family’s past to the press that’s there(it’s very entertaining). Blair starts to get upset after seeing Chuck show some real effection for Vanessa and wants to call it quits.So then Blair somehow finds Vanessa’s purse and deletes the unwanted pictures of Blair’s ex. She proceeds to let Vanessa know about it and also about the deal she made with Chuck to humiliate her. We can see that Chuck kind of felt bad about it but he’s just in to deep at this point. Serena after leaving the party runs into Dan and they end up talking and apologizing to each other over the bad things that have happened. Chuck ends up going back to that resturant to tell them that he is still going to try and help save it but the owner is really pissed at him. Then we see that Dan and Nate have made up and he agrees to stay at Dan’s since his place isn’t so great anymore. Now, we cut back to Chuck and Blair getting ready to seal their deal buy sleeping together, but Chuck all of a sudden has a change of heart when he asks Blair to say, I love you and she can’t. He proceeds to tell her that she can never have him unless she can. It appears that in this tangled weave Vanessa had some effect on him. Very interesting. Well, that’s it for this week. Xoxo…Gossip Girl .

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