“The Haunting of Molly Hartley” Movie Review

“The Haunting of Molly Hartley” Movie Review

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“The Haunting of Molly Hartley”.All can say is hmmm and you’ll understand why once I’m finished with this review. The movie starts of with an interlude which consist of a girl who’s about to turn 18 that has weird headaches and stuff. Then her father who appears to be really disturbed kills her in a car accident professing he can’t let her turn 18 which I guess is supposed to set the stage to what the movie is going to be about. After that it cuts to present day with Molly Hartley(Haley Bennett). From what I gathered her parents made some type of a deal with a lady when Molly was born to keep her alive,and they would come back for her on her 18th birthday.

Molly and her dad (Jake Weber) move to a new town because supposedly her mom,Jane Hartley(Marin Hinkle) tried to kill her by stabbing her in the chest claiming she couldn’t let her turn 18. In the new town she befriends Joseph Young(Chase Crawford) and Alexis(Shanna Collins). They appear too be her friends on the surface but as the movie unfolds it is revealed that they know about her mom and the deep dark secret that she supposedly possessed.In the new town Molly starts to have weird visions of her mom attacking her again accompanied by headaches.

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After a series of events some of which include getting into a fight with Joseph’s ex,Suzie(AnnaLynne McCord), throwing her escaped from a mental hospital mom over a balcony,and knocking her dad out. She finally comes into contact with the people who want her back on her 18th birthday one of them being Joseph. This event ends with her trying to kill herself when the clock strikes 12 am on her 18th birthday which apparently is unsuccessful since the next scene shows her very happy and her putting her dad in the mental hospital leaving him to rott there.

  • My take: If you’re confused by this review,then good. You should be because this movie was very confusing. I expected some mystery but towards the end it seemed really weird and silly as it never really addressed what was supposed to happen to her on her 18th birthday. It totally left me guessing. My only guess is that she turned evil or something because she totally bailed out on her dad in the end by leaving him to rott in a mental hospital and running off with those people who wanted her back on her 18th birthday. On a good note I was never bored during the film as I was constantly trying to figure out (which turned out to be an endless mystery) what was going on with her. With that being said I at least give it a C because any movie that doesn’t bore me to sleep I feel deserves at least that.
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