Dollhouse ‘Needs’ Takes Us For a Whirlwind

Dollhouse ‘Needs’ Takes Us For a Whirlwind

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Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse” aired it’s latest episode entitled “Needs” last night,and it was no let down . In fact it took me for quite a spin.The Dollhouse decided to test four of the actives : Echo,Victor / Lubov, Sierra,Melle,and one other one,but he’s wasn’t important. I think he was just filler since his test ended at the beginning of the episode, and there’s no cast info for him .So Echo and the others to complete their test. The “Dollhouse” reinstalled their same, original personality that they had when they first entered the Dollhouse except they didn’t give them the memories as to why they were there,and how they volunteered to be there in the first place.They wanted to test them to see what they would do or what their basic instinct would lead them to do.

The Dolls are now all freaked out and immediately try and escape. Of course they are successful because it’s really all just a setup by the “Dollhouse” the whole time, but we the viewing audience doesn’t know that which means we are taken on one hell of ride. When the Dolls make it outside the facility, Echo stays because she wants to fulfill an instinctive need to free all the other dolls in the house. Victor,Sierra,and Melle drive off in one of the cars in an attempt to figure out what to do next. They eventually let Melle out because she has an instinctive need to find her daughter that she remembered having. While Victor takes Sierra to see the man she remembered who is responsible for putting her in the “Dollhouse”. Victor helping her out, is fulfilling his basic instinctive or need to love and protect Sierra.

The dramatic part comes when the power goes out in the Dollhouse,and Echo who is now an angry Caroline, has a gun and starts to threaten Topher Brink, the science guy. She almost makes him do the whole memory wipeto himself in the chair which made me freak out just a bit. Finally, Adelle Dewitt, the lady incharge comes in and stops it. She helps Echo do whatever she wants which means all the dolls in the house are walking out into the world with no minds. Then all of a sudden Echo collapses as well as the other three dolls who were being tested. At that very moment, I was like oh,ok,they freakin planned all this crap. They got me good. However, I don’t think the power outage was planned.They were really on their heels when that happened.

It was a great episode. Joss Whedon really outdoes himself with this new show of his. He didn’t do well a couple of years back with “Fire Fly”, but he is indeed back with the “Dollhouse” fa sho.

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