CW’s The Game ‘Stay Fierce,Malik’ Episode Review

CW’s The Game ‘Stay Fierce,Malik’ Episode Review

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Review : CW’s The Game “Stay Fierce,Malik” episode. Robin Givens returns to the show.She gives an interview,and insinuates that Malik is gay to get back at him for admitting to a reporter that their marriage is a fake and ruining her pr front. Derwin gets angry at Melanie when he finds out that she had sex with the doctor she works with and not him. While Malik tries to quiet the rumors of him being gay, a secretly gay teammate of his makes a move on him at a party which throws off the chemistry of the team.

My take : I thought the show was yet again full of great surprises. It was extremely funny especially when Malik’s teammates do that gay dance number for him. They really stretch the envelope of comedy on this show. It’s fantastic. Also they come strong with the drama. This time between Derwin and Melanie again. They know just where to fit those drama scenes in,and they do it from couple to couple on this show. It was an excellent episode as usual.

TV Show : CW’s The Game “Stay Fierce,Malik” episode 12 season 3
Original Air Date :Friday January 23,2009
Network : CW Network

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  1. tyrone says:

    who was that light skinned woman on the pole in the black…shorty looks familiar, anyway she has a banging body!

  2. don says:

    the girl in episode 3 of THE GAME on the pole in the black with the big hair was Baje from Paris Hilton’s my neww bff….she’s hott Baje

  3. v grey says:

    mmmmm…..i wanna see more of Baje lol : )

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