Underworld 3 ‘Rise of The Lycans’ (2009) Movie Review

Underworld 3 ‘Rise of The Lycans’ (2009) Movie Review

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In “Underworld : Rise of The Lycans”,young Lucian ( Michael Sheen) is a Lycan or werewolf ,and is groomed to serve the Death Dealer or vampire King,Viktor (Bill Nighy) along with all the other Lycans for the rest of his life. He grows into his role quite willingly at first, killing off all the pure blooded Lycans who try to attack the Death Dealers thinking that they are just mindless creatures because they have no human in them. At least that’s the way it seemed,but in secret he’s been planning his escape by making a key that could unlock his collar which the Lycans had to wear so they couldn’t turn into werewolves.

Also,Lucian is secretly in love with the evil Death Dealer king’s daughter, Sonja ( Rhona Mitra ). Lucian saves her life one day from the pure blooded Lycans by escaping the castle walls and removing his collar. The Death Dealer king punishes him heavily for it and plans to kill him.Sonja helps him escape along with his other Lycan friends and eventually betrays her Death Dealer father for the last time by revealing that she’s carrying Lucian’s child. Lucian returns to the castle for a final confrontation with the King and his Death Dealer army. It concludes with an epic battle between the Lycans and the Death Dealers thus bringing about the “Rise of The Lycans”.It also ends with a few unexpected surprises which definitely leave it open for another sequel.

My Take : I thought that the film was entertaining,and had a good story. Although not a very unique story,still interesting enough to want to see how it played out. I loved Rhona Mitra in this role,and she’s definitely easy on the eyes. If Kate Beckinsale ever changes her mind to come back to the franchise,I have a feeling it might not be so easy. I thought they did a good job with the build up,and story telling.The fight scenes were great especially the one with Rhona Mitra. If you like action films with a good story,you should definitely check this one out.

Grade : B+

Movie : Underworld 3 : Rise of The Lycans
Release Date: January 23,2009
Studio : Screen Gems (Sony)
Cast : Michael Sheen, Bill Nighy, Rhona Mitra, Steven Mackintosh, Kevin Grevioux

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