‘Push’ (2009) Movie Review

‘Push’ (2009) Movie Review

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In the long awaited “Push” movie, a young Nick Grant (Chris Evans) who has level 2 telekinetic abilities is told by his father (Joel Gretsch) who also has the same gift, that in the future a girl would give him a flower, and that he should help that girl.Moments later his father is found and killed by a group called the, “Division. The movie moves forward nine years later the, and shows that the “Division” has been testing out a drug on paranormals that is designed to enhance their abilities, but it usually kills them instead. They test it out on a girl named, Kira Hudson (Camilla Belle) who is a pusher, and is able to control other people by placing her thoughts into their head. She is the first to survive the drug. She escapes the custody of the “Division” along with a syringe containing the drug.

She hides the drug in a briefcase, and stores it in a secret locker. Now, we get back to Nick who meets a 13 year old girl named Cassie Holmes (Dakota Fanning) who is a clairvoyant or “watcher”. She can see into the future which is how she is able to find Nick. She thinks he can help her find that briefcase that Kira has hidden so she can trade it in, in an attempt to free her mother who has been captured by the “Division”. There is much turbulence between Cassie and Nick at first until she gives him the flower that his father told him about nine years ago. Then he knows that she is the one he must help. But his task in helping her is not an easy one as they face other paranormals some with different powers, and some with powers similar to theirs.

They catch up with and find Kira who the Division is also trying to find because she is their patient zero,and also has the paranormal enhancing drug. Another more powerful watcher than Cassie,Xiao Lu Li (Lu Lu) and her family are constantly honing in and predicting their future plans so Nick devises a plan to throw her off so they can eventually recover the briefcase safely. With high action scenes that involve a telekinetic gunfight,escaping guys with super shouting abilities that blow out windows and walls, and an intense telekinetic battle involving Nick and another telekinetic, this movie offers an action-packed paranormal, adventure ride that ends with one final “Push”.

My Take : I thought “Push ” had a lot of great action scenes, and displayed the paranormal’s use of their powers quite nicely. I wasn’t to crazy about the storyline with the whole enhancing drug plot, but I think they made up for it with just the sheer entertainment they provided with this movie. I thought Dakota Fanning did a great job with the role of Cassie, and Chris Evans is no stranger to these types of characters as he played the fire toting “Johnny Storm” in the “Fantastic Four” movies. All in All I think the hype matched the movie. It was very enjoyable to watch.

Grade : A

Movie : Push
Release Date : February 6,2009
Studio : Summit Entertainment
Cast : Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, Camilla Belle, Djimon Hounsou, Maggie Siff, Scott Michael Campbell.

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  1. Hey A, This is the first positive review for this film. I have read one other negative review and from the trailer I was thinking no way. But maybe it will worth a rental. Thanks for the review, well written.

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