Big Brother 19 Paul Broke Down Into Tears Yesterday, September 10th

Big Brother 19 Paul Broke Down Into Tears Yesterday, September 10th

Alright, so yesterday, September 10,2017, it all went down. Paul finally broke the news to Alex that this was definitely the end of the line for her! He didn’t give away the fact that he’s been working with Christmas and Josh this whole time. He just told her that he would be screwing over three other people that wouldn’t give him their vote if he used the veto on her. It all ended with Paul bursting into tears in Christmas’ arms!

Here’s how the conversation went down. At 12:54 pm pacific time, Paul brought Alex into one of the rooms alone and told her, “I’m in a little bit of a pickle.” Alex said, “why?” Paul said, “Let me explain to you. So, I think that if I use the veto on you, I’m pretty much done with the game and Josh. Alex said,”Really?” Paul said, “Just listen to me real quick. I’m not exhausting all options. I just need to talk to you because I trust you and I’ve made an insane connection with you throughout this game. And I’m not gonna beat around the bush.

I’m going to tell you exactly what I’m thinking and what position I’m in. Josh nominated to get one of us out this week. I’ve talked to both of them. I’ve talked to the homie (Kevin). I’ve been telling homie I will take him to final two. Obviously, I’m not but I’ve been telling him that ever since I needed to with Jason.

If I use the veto and pull you off right now, that probably means he’s going to go home and get evicted and I lose that vote guaranteed. Doing that, I go against Josh and Christmas because she has to go up. She’s pissed. Josh is pissed.

Then it’s you and me versus them which is great. We sweep and we go to the end. I lose Josh, Christmas and Kevin as a vote. You have Jason, Mark and Cody. I lose. So, I’m not trying to sound sh@#tty. But, I know that they won’t give me their vote if I do this. But, I’m not saying we’re exhausting all options.

If we can convince them to keep you, that’s a different story because I’m not doing anything against what they want. But, if you won the veto this week and pulled yourself off. Obviously, I would never tell you not to use the veto on yourself. If you used the veto on yourself and I went up, I would go home. We would try but realistically you heard what they said. They can’t beat us and they know that.

So, I’m in a tough spot because I’m genuinely torn and don’t know what to do. You’re the homie and we’ve worked together a lot and done a ton of sh@#t together. But at the same time if I make this move, I’m securing my loss in this game. And it’s tough for me because I’m not trying to be like the d@#ckhead or Oh, you know it’s all about winning because I came into this game thinking I was gonna lose. I didn’t think I would make it this far. I never thought that I would come this far. And at this point, I know you and I could sweep til the end but I know I’ll lose.

In all aspects you would win. And I’m not trying to take that away from you but at the same time I have family and friends watching too. I have fans watching too. And they would look at me and go, ‘you made the same mistake as last year.’ And I’m gonna be honest with you. If you were up there with me or with a vet, I would vote for you because I lost that same way last year.

I told you from the beginning when I shook your hand. You remind me a lot of myself last year. I told you that in the beginning which is why I’m in such a weird spot right now because I genuinely. I don’t know if you can tell my vibe has been off. But, I’ve been in my head and thinking . I don’t give a sh@#t what any of these people say. I’ve just been going through scenarios in my head.

I know they’re not going to give me their vote if I make this move because I’m crossing them. I am the reason why they would get swept. I actually think I have a fighting chance to win. And I don’t wanna sound like a selfish prick but I don’t know. It sucks. I’m torn between doing the homie move and losing or actually maybe winning the game. Alex said, “Understood.”

Paul said, “I don’t want to blindside you. I respect you and I’m not gonna promise you. It’s crazy but I wish you won yesterday in a weird way. So, at least if my fate was sealed, it was done. I did all that I could do. But now that I’m in this position, it’s f@#cked up or at least if I was sitting next to you.”

Alex said, “I wanted you to win.” Paul said, “I know you did dude but at the same it’s f@#cking tough dude. So, I don’t know what to do. You already know you have jury votes secured. You are arguably the most apt to win the game at this point. And as much as I would wanna make this move. Before, it would be a coin toss if you and I went to the end. But, the situation now with the Kevin thing. Because I had to make that move and promise him sh@#t so he would shut the f@#ck up.

As soon as I save you over him, he goes f@#ck you. You don’t have my vote. Even next to you he’ll tell me to go f@#ck myself. And I don’t care about Kevin. Somebody else could clip him next week. Again, I’m not trying to sound like selfish or a d@#ckhead but if you had won and pulled yourself off, I would go home and leave. And I would never hold that against you. I would never be pissed at you. I would be like we’re in a sh@#tty situation. I lost. Please win. So, it’s super hard for me. And the more I see the f@#ckers walking around smiling and laughing, it pisses me off even more. So, I don’t know what to do dude.”

Alex said, “You gotta do what’s best for your game.” Paul said, “It really is f@#cking me up because I don’t know if I genuinely connected with someone more than I connected with you in this house. But at the same time, I lost last year and I came back this year thinking I was going to lose again.

I didn’t even think I would make it to jury. I didn’t think I’d make it at all. And I was alone a big, big portion of this game until I started to find people I could work with. You always had Jason. For a long time, I was on my own. Everyone who would work with me had their own things going on. So, it’s just been a really, really tough journey for me. I just don’t want to disappoint people again.

You would beat me. Mark and Cody are not voting for me over you. These three. Once I pull that move to sweep house. You match me in comp wins. What do I have to say? This is where the game gets really difficult. We’ve made it down to the wire.

I think that I actually might have a chance to win this year and it sucks because I’ve gotten so close to you and developed such a good relationship with you. I feel like I let you down. I should have won that last HOH and I didn’t. I f@#cked up. If you think you can work Christmas and Josh and pull this off, that’s a different story because then I wouldn’t have to cross them. And then Kevin wouldn’t be so mad. He would be more mad at them because Josh would make the decision or whatever.

Alex said, “I mean I’m gonna be super honest. I didn’t want to throw all the other competitions to you. And that basically saved you and I but I was gonna save Jason. I knew there was a chance we were going home but I was going to do it for him. I was gonna pull him off the block. I was gonna win that and pull him off.

That was a stupid move on my part because I went with you and I trusted you that we were gonna do it together. I put you before Jason. That’s been killing me. That’s why I’ve been so sad. Because I thought that we would be ok. I knew Christmas always didn’t like Jason. I should’ve pulled him off.”

Paul said, “You don’t think that broke my heart too when I heard him have to go? That’s why I’m not trying to bullsh@#t you. I’m not trying to be a counterfeit. I’m not trying to be an a@#hole. I will lose.” Alex said, “Understand my position. We should’ve sent Kevin home that second one too. When I won the HOH. No one listen to me but Josh. I keep getting screwed left and right.” Paul said, “I’m not trying to screw you dude. I’m really not. This is totally not that. I hope that you don’t think that I’m trying to screw you.”

Alex said, “What’s going to happen if one of them goes to the final two? One of them is going to win. Josh won’t win. If you’re up against Josh, he won’t win but Christmas might win. You could definitely get to the final two by yourself but you’ll have to take one of them and that’s just really sh@#tty. You do what’s best for your game. Outside the game, we’re friends but inside the game, this is sh@#tty.” Paul said, “Dude, outside the game, I’ve made the dopest friend I could ask for.”

Later on in the discussion, Alex said, “ There’s no way they’re gonna keep me. Absolutely no way. I already tried to feel out Christmas and she said you played a great game and that type of stuff. And Josh wants me out.”

Later on, Alex asked Paul, “Can you split the vote?” Paul said, “I could try. If you think you can hustle it, I’ll do it. But, if I split the vote and put Josh in that position and he votes you out anyways, he’s gonna turn around and go, ‘alright muther f@#cker. Why did you make me do that?’”

Alex said, “We’ve been working our butts off and to lose to these two, it’s not chill. If things were reversed, I would’ve saved you from the block. But , that’s just me. It’s a personal thing. Not a game thing.” Paul said, “But Alex, you would’ve saved me while knowing you would’ve won.” Alex said, “I wouldn’t have used the veto on myself as long as we made sure to vote Kevin out.” Paul said, “I wouldn’t have let you do that because I don’t trust their decision. I would’ve literally said, ‘You’re an idiot. Pull yourself off the block and win the game.’”

Alex said, “I’m sorry. I feel like I listened to everything you said and it’s like f@#ck. But, it’s good for your game. I wouldn’t have minded winning and f@#cking sending Kevin home. Then we wouldn’t have been in this position.”

Paul said, “ But we would have had so many other competitors still in the house.” Alex said, “ Raven? I still could’ve beaten her in everything.” Paul said, “The whole plan was to get Kevin out. That was the plan.” Alex said, “Yes, but he’s still here even when I did the second HOH, we got rid of Raven. I asked you guys to vote out Kevin and you still didn’t listen. I feel like you set the game up for all four of you guys to sweep, honestly.” Paul said, “What do you mean ? The four of us?” Alex said, “You guys are going to move to the end real easy now and it sucks. I’m going home.”

Paul said, “They’re not going to sweep sh@#t.” Alex said, “They’re at least gonna come in second. F@#ck.” Paul said, “They all wanted Raven out.” Alex said, “Kevin should’ve been out.” Paul said, “I will not let Kevin get to the end.” Alex said, “That makes sense. Do what’s good for your game. I’m not pissed at you. I’m just pissed at the situation because it’s sh@#tty

At least if we went that far, I would have a chance. Now, I don’t have a chance. I’m not trying to guilt you but I’m telling you the facts.” Paul said, “You’re right. If I do it, you do have a fighting chance but if I slip up again next week, I go and then you win.” Alex said, “We only have one more HOH and then both of us would be playing.” Paul said, “And the veto. The veto will be just as important as the HOH.” Alex said, “But even still. Can Christmas compete and can Josh focus? Or Kevin or whoever?” Paul said, “Josh beat me in that last veto. I didn’t throw that.”

Alex said, “I just wished we talked about this before. I’m so stupid. I’m not mad at you. I’m mad at myself.” Paul said, “I don’t want you to be mad at anybody. The situation sucks.”

Alex said, “We don’t have to keep going over it. It’s chill. I just want you to know it’s not just me not winning. It’s not even me coming close to second. If the situation was flipped, I want you to know I would still take you even if I knew I was going to lose.

Even now still, I was wondering if I was going to win in jury because I don’t know what Raven thinks. I don’t know what Matt thinks. I don’t know if they know about the vote coming out. I don’t know if they know about a lot of stuff. But, I wasn’t going to choose Josh over you. I would’ve taken you.” Paul said, “You would’ve won over me. You would’ve won over anyone at this point.”

Alex said, “I do get it but I don’t want to keep talking about it because this secures a loss for me. I understand your game choice. I totally get it. We don’t have to talk about it Paul. It’s cool. I just wished you guys listened when I said to get rid of Kevin. I set myself up for this.” Paul said, “You can’t blame yourself Alex. It’s a game. You can’t blame yourself for things you can’t control. You can say if you knew but in the moment we were just like, ‘f@#ck it let’s do it.’

If there’s any consolation, I’m almost sure you’re going to get America’s Favorite Player.” Alex said, “Actually, that doesn’t make it better so let’s not talk about that. Can I be honest? It kind of does feel like you’re f@#cking me over. I’m gonna be a 100 percent honest. There were times when I thought Jason was going to clean sweep me but I didn’t care as long as one of us made it to the end.

I understand you don’t want to lose the game for a second time. That totally makes sense. Do you think it’s easy for me to throw comps to you when I know the answer? It’s hard. And like I told Jason you don’t need to win every competition to win the game and that’s why Jason was ok with it. That’s why I was ok with it. It sucks. You have your team. You trust tem. You talk about going to the end with them. I don’t wanna make you feel worse.”

Paul said, “I want you to get it out.” Alex said, “I don’t wanna keep talking about it. I don’t need to keep hearing your reasons. It just sucks is all I was trying to reiterate. That’s all it is and that’s all it has to be. I wish we would’ve just voted out Kevin. Then I wouldn’t feel so bad going before him. I’ll vote for you. I’ll tell Jason to vote for you. You got my vote. Don’t worry about it.”

At 1:52 pm, Paul started walking around the downstairs area and crying. At 1:53 pm, he walked up to the HOH room and burst into full blown tears in Christmas’ arms. Meanwhile, Alex went to the backyard and just started repeating Bible verses or something. It was really odd. Paul went on to tell them that he broke the news to Alex. It was very emotional. Paul told Christmas and Josh, “I took all the heat for it but I told her I would try and convince you guys to keep her. It’s just hard to look at someone and say that sh#@t.”

Alright, so that pretty much wrapped up the big moment where Alex finally got told she was on the outs and will not be making it any further. It seemed like Paul was really emotional about it. However, he still made sure to keep her thinking that he is not in an alliance with Josh and Christmas. So, it was sort of a half reveal. I guess Alex will have to find that out later. Or if a miracle happens, she may actually figure it out on her own. Nah.

This means we also won’t get the fireworks we were looking for at the POV ceremony later today because Alex will not be blindsided. Oh well. We’ll give you guys a full report of that later on. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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