‘Bruno’ Movie Delivered Nonstop Laughs

‘Bruno’ Movie Delivered Nonstop Laughs

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Sacha Baron Cohen’s new comedy movie “Bruno” opened up on Friday July 10,2009,and from there it was laugh on. This movie was way funnier than his last movie “Borat”. The scenes that appear in “Bruno” shocked and astounded me. It was unbelievable what they let slip into this film.

In a brief plot, Bruno the gay, Austrian, model is outcast from his native Austria for his outlandish and wreckless behaviour. No one there would let him back into a modeling show. So it was off to L.A. with his gay assistant Lutz (Gustaf Hammarsten) to become a big Hollywood celebrity. He would soon foil that opportunity up as well with his unbelievable antics which included a hilarious scene with Paula Abdul.

He would also ruin his relationship with his assistant by rejecting his love for him. It was a really gross display, what they did. He tries tons of ridiculous things to become a famous Hollywood celebrity which includes; trying to start a charity,adopting a black baby (it was horrible what he did with that black baby),creating a horrible talk show which criticized pregnant women’s babies. And finally he tried to become straight which led to more adventures from hunting with a bunch of straight guys,to hanging out at a swinger’s house,and getting attacked by a naked lady with whip. The funny and outrageous adventures in this movie never stop. It had me laughing the entire time

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Sacha Baron Cohen is outrageously funny and crude with no conscious at all,and it made for some damn funny material in “Bruno”. Also the movie is pretty graphic in sexual content so if you’re sensitive to that type of thing,you probably won’t want to see this film.

Grade : A

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  1. I agree, Sacha Baron Cohen is really funny.‘Bruno’ out ran the opening weekend sales of $26.5million. profits took a plunge on Saturday with $8.8million and on Sunday it further dipped to $7.2million. For more details refer http://www.entertainmenttrend.com/bruno-flounces-to-top-slot-on-box-office-chart-with-304-million/

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