‘I Love You,Beth Cooper’ Movie Brought A Crazy Hayden

‘I Love You,Beth Cooper’ Movie Brought A Crazy Hayden

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Hayden Panettiere that is. The NBC “Heroes” star made another film debut in “I Love You,Beth Cooper”,and it really showed us Hayden’s crazy side as Denis Cooverman (Paul Rust) professes his love for her in front of his entire graduation class at their ceremony,after he gets advice from his crazy best friend Rich Munsch (Jack Carpenter).

He also confessed some other things that offended Beth’s crazy boyfriend, a popular high school girl,and a high school bully with a complex who actually ends up crying on Denis’ shoulder in the movie. It was hilarious.

Beth actually thinks what Denis did was kind of cute ,and ends up giving him and his friend the night of their lives while trying to elude her crazy steroid boyfriend Kevin (Shawn Roberts) who just got back from the military,and wants to kill Denis for hanging with his girlfriend and the outrageous comments he made at the graduation ceremony.

The movie displayed typical yet still funny, hilarious and sometimes violent high school moments that took it’s audience on a wild adventurous ride for about an hour and forty minutes.

The night ends with Denis establishing an unforgettable relationship with the girl of his dreams Beth Cooper.

I thought Hayden Panettiere did a good job playing the crazy, wild driving Beth Cooper. Paul Rust and Jack Carpenter had good onscreen chemistry as the two best friends. The movie rolled along ok,and kept me laughing. It wasn’t all that original,but again it was a funny high school comedy that I think anyone with a sense of humor would enjoy.

Grade B –

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