‘Funny People’ Movie Delivered Dirty, Ranchy, Hilarius Comedy

‘Funny People’ Movie Delivered Dirty, Ranchy, Hilarius Comedy

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Adam Sandler’s new “Funny People” movie made it’s debut Friday July 31,2009. I just got through watching it,and walked out feeling like I just got tickled to death. Funny people aptly starred some very funny people which included : Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann, Eric Bana, Jonah Hill, Jason Schwartzman, RZA, Aubrey Plaza, Maude Apatow, Iris Apatow.

I thought Adam Sandler, Jonah Hill,Seth Rogan,and Jason Schwartzman all did a really great job of making me laugh in this film. Oh,and I cannot forget Aziz Ansari who played Randy,the Middle Eastern looking comedian. He cracked me up. Also Eminem showed up for a cameo appearance in the film, which was also very hilarious.

A brief synopsis of the film follows Ira Wright (Seth Rogan) and George Simmons (Adam Sandler). Ira works in a deli,but is trying to perfect his craft as a stand up comedian on the side by doing non paying stand up gigs along with one of his roommates Leo Koenig (Jonah Hill).

He also lives with one other roommate Mark Taylor Jackson (Jason Schwartzman) who has a sitcom gig called “The Teacher.” Meanwhile popular comedian George Simmons finds out that he has a rare form of leukemia,and has to try an experimental medication that has only worked a measly 8% of the time.

Knowing this information, a down George Simmons performs a not so good set at a comedy club just before Ira is supposed to perform. Ira ends up using George’s down moment to come up with some good material while onstage that night, at George’s expense. George notices,and eventually ends up asking Ira to help him write jokes and becomes his assistant.

Ira travels with him to many gigs,and George confides with him, that he is secretly dying of his rare disease,and is taking some experimental medication for it. Ira tries to be supportive,but eventually convinces George that he needs to tell his friends and family. One person in particular, was a past love of his named Laura (Leslie Mann).

When they meet up again, sparks rekindle. But there’s a problem because she’s married. Then George learns that he’s not sick anymore which leads to him dragging Ira along to get involved in an eventual huge domestic dispute, as he tries to steal his old love Laura away from her husband. It becomes quite drama filled towards the end,but it does eventually end peacefully.

I thought the movie consisted of some very gross,vulgar,raunchy,and just outrageously funny humor delivered by some very funny people in this film. The laughs never let up. The movie was never boring. It lasted a little long, running for about 2 and a half hours.

I thought it told a good story combined with great comedy.This movie is really funny. If you don’t mind a lot of explicit language,I would definitely suggest going to see this movie for a good laugh.

Grade : B+

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