‘Final Destination’ 4 Movie Lacked Originality,But Still Entertained

‘Final Destination’ 4 Movie Lacked Originality,But Still Entertained

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The 4th installment of “The Final Destination” movie franchise chain of films hit the theaters this weekend,an just like all the previous installments to proceed it, it had a lot of strange deaths,and a group of kids trying to stop their own deaths from occurring.

As you might imagine, the movie had zero originality at this point,so it just kind of felt like I was watching one of the previous “Final Destination” movies all over again,granted it had different “death” scenes. To offset that, it did have excitement,and edge of your seat thrills, so I was definitely never bored.

In a brief synopsis, Nick O’Bannon (Bobby Campo) has a vision of a horrible car accident while he and his friends are at the race track. This accident creates a chain of other accidents that kills over 50 people at the stadium,he and his friends are at. He starts to notice that parts of his vision are coming true,so he drags them out of the stadium before it’s too late.

Unfortunately, that’s only where there problems begin, as the people he saved from the stadium along with his friends begin to mysteriously get killed off one by one in the order they would have died, in his vision.Nick continues to see visions that provide clues of how the next person will die.

He hurries to piece back the vision he had so he can remember which order his friends died in, in an effort to intercept or cancel out the mysterious death curse all together.

Though he was successful in a few rescue attempts, it only served to confuse him,by skipping over to the next person in the chain of deaths. Then it concluded by making its way back to him and his friends in a boomerang type fashion.

Death was not pleasant to them,but then again,is it ever ? One guy gets his guts sucked out in a pool drain,another guy gets completely mauled by a huge oncoming bus,and one lady takes a pebble straight through her eye socket. It was pretty graphic.

These “Final Destination” movies have always interested me for the simple fact, that it always blesses one person with the ability to see clues ahead of time, as if to provide some sort of equilibrium in between the balance of life and death.

Again I thought the movie was entertaining,but since it had already been done three times before,it struggled with originality.But if you like a good horror flick,and don’t mind some really graphic death scenes, then you should definitely check out The Final Destination’s 4th installment.

Grade : B –

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  1. dsi r4 says:

    Excellent movie that takes the best ideas out of the first three …

  2. Hi Great movie thankyou………………………..!

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