‘The Wolfman’ Movie Showed Plenty Of Drama & Very Graphic Violence

‘The Wolfman’ Movie Showed Plenty Of Drama & Very Graphic Violence

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‘The Wolfman’ Movie showed plenty of drama & very graphic violence. Universal Pictures unleashed its new “Wolfman” movie on the public this weekend. I just saw it,and it contained a lot intense drama and very graphic violence as the “Wolfman” dug his claws into everyone he could. It stars: Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, Hugo Weaving,and Art Malik.

“The Wolfman” movie revolved around character, Lawrence Talbot (Benicio Del Toro) who was an actor in the theater,but made his way back home when he got a letter from Gwen Conliffe stating that his brother, Ben had missing for a while. Lawrence eventually gets bitten by a werewolf when he tries to figure out how his brother got killed and goes after the werewolf. In 30 days, he becomes the very thing he hunted,and is now being hunted.

Gwen Conliffe falls in love with Lawrence and thinks she can find a way to cure him,but at last, must force herself to do the inevitable and free Lawrence from his curse. However, this didn’t happen without one hell of fight. The movie showed a ton of graphic ,violent scenes, which included: heads being ripped right off the body,other limbs getting ripped off,and lots and lots of blood flying. They also definitely left this franchise open for a sequel as another guys gets bitten without dying. It also had a nice twist thrown in the mix with his father, Sir John Talbot played by (Anthony Hopkins). They have a big showdown,fight scene towards the end. This movie was filled with lots of drama and fighting.

Overall, I though the movie started off kind of slow,but it was kind of necessary for the build up. However, once the first werewolf showed up on the scene,it got interesting real,real quick,and it ended up being very entertaining.

Grade: B

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