Top Critics Gave ‘Shutter Island’ Movie Pretty Good Reviews

Top Critics Gave ‘Shutter Island’ Movie Pretty Good Reviews

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Top critics gave ‘Shutter Island’ movie pretty good reviews. Paramount Pictures released their new psychological thriller, Martin Scorsese film entitled, “Shutter Island.” Overall, the top movie critics seem to like it. It got mostly As and Bs. However, there were a few critics that didn’t find it quite as appealing,giving it a couple of Cs and Ds. The movie stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, Michelle Williams, Patricia Clarkson, and Max von Sydow.

Wesley Morris from the Boston Globe gave it a B-. He said, it was “a long, heavy film.” Roger Ebert over at the Chicago Sun-Times gave it a A-. He stated, “This is Martin Scorsese’s evocation of the delicious shuddering fear we feel when horror movies are about something and don’t release all the tension with action scenes.”

Michael Phillips from the Chicago Tribune gave it a C rating. He said, “not even supporting players as deft as Patricia Clarkson, Jackie Earle Haley and Emily Mortimer can make this more than classy, well-acted junk.”

Luke Y Thompson at E! Online gave it a disappointing D. He said, “Dennis Lehane’s novel seems to have the potential for a good adaptation, but Scorsese’s version isn’t it.” Owen Gleiberman at Entertainment Weekly gave it a B. He stated, “The movie does have a payoff, though. And it works, shiveringly well.”

Sean O’Connell at gave it a A-. He said, it was “an ominous, claustrophobic and, at times, confusing endurance test that audiences no doubt will want to take.” Hollywood Reporter’s Kirk Honeycutt gave it a B+,stating, “The movie certainly keeps you in its grip from the opening scene.”

Andy Klein from the Los Angeles Times gave it a C. He stated, “Martin Scorsese-directed thriller pulls the rug out from under you — in a bad way.” Lou Lumenick over at the New York Post rated it a B. He said, it was “an exquisitely crafted potboiler.”

A.O. Scott from the New York Times gave it a D. He said, “the movie’s central dramatic problem… becomes less interesting as the story lurches along.” James Berardinelli from Reelviews gave it a B. He stated, “this movie delights in playing games with the audience’s perceptions.”

Peter Travers at Rolling Stone gave it a A-. He said, “Scorsese makes dark magic in this mesmerizing mind-bender. No one who lives and breathes movies would dream of missing it.”

Mick LaSalle gave it a D rating. He stated, “Aiming for laurels, Martin Scorsese just lands in vulgarity and bombast, in a zone very near self-parody.” USA Today’s Claudia Puig gave it a B- rating. She said, “While Ruffalo is convincingly congenial, DiCaprio’s blend of brooding and unease is riveting.” “Shutter Island” movie is in theaters now.

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  1. s.s says:

    it was such a great movie. full of ambiguities but fascinating. i really enjoyed it. it was worth to pay!

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